Top 15 Best Places to Live in Dubai

Last updated on February 6th, 2018

We come in this amazing city to live a while, why not make this living memorable by choosing best place to live in Dubai. Dubai is the world famous place for its standard life style and luxurious living. It’s becoming the people’s center point to live forever or to live a while. Dubai offers you the world’s best places to live and merry your time in this short-lived life.

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Best Place to Live in Dubai

Dubai is rated as the safest city in the world. And here we are listing top 15 best places to live in Dubai. We have listed all kind of places here in the list regardless their prices & living costs.

1. Dubai Marina

Dubai marina is one of the best places to live in Dubai as its habitation style offers a charming and charismatic life standards. Dubai marina is a district established on the bank of an artificial canal. You can enjoy every color and facility of life living here.

2. Jumeriah Lake Towers

Jumeriah lake towers is an amazing residential place to live in Dubai. It’s the crowed of buildings on the edge of artificial canals offering different residential places. Different apartments small and major in the buildings offers a suitable fit for families of different sizes.

3. Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is the center of historic Dubai consisting of many historical buildings and a house of many luring residents places to live in Dubai. The area comprise of the great historic museum of Dubai displaying the heritage of Dubai. You can avail every opportunity nearby you living in this historic place of Bur Dubai.

4. Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is the center of Dubai’s famous and historic places. It include in the list is the iconic Burj Khalifa, the second one is the greatDubai mall and the third one is famous Dubai fountains. It is one of the best place to live in Dubai but on the other hand it is one of the expensive place in Dubai to live in. on contrary, it’s the most facilitating magnetic and swarming place to live in Dubai who can afford it.

5. Business Bay

Business bay is the first choice of business class community wanted to live and work in Dubai. Business tycoons of the world prefer to live in Dubai for business settlements. Business bay provide them the best choice to live and work in business environment. This is one of the most expensive residence to live in Dubai but money matters nothing to the business community from all over the world.

6. Al Barsha

Al Barsha is one of the major residential community in Dubai and the best place to live in Dubai. It provides every possible facility to its residents nearby it. Many educational institutes are close to it and of course many sports complexes are there in it to facilitate its residents without any trouble of life.

7. Deira

Deira is an outstanding places to live in Dubai. It is a historical and oldest place of Dubai to live in. It connects to the main city of Dubai. It offers best places of Indian and Asian cuisines so it’s most population consist of Indian and Asian expats. It is much affordable and under the reach of low cost residents. Its specialty is that it offers low cost and high standard residencies available to all.

8. Dubai Sports City

Dubai sports city is another best place to live in Dubai as it offers numbers of charms to the sports oriented people. The list include many sports complexes number one is gymnasiums, number two is sports stadiums and arenas. It offers an amazing residency in very low and affordable prices annually. It’s a great opportunity for those who thinks that outdoors are best places to live in.

9. Palm Jumeriah

Palm jumeriah is one of the best places of Dubai to live in and an amazing sea facing residence for the expats wanted to spend the holidays on the beach. It’s like the home away from home to all expats as it is not expensive compared to other beaches of Dubai for residency or to live in.

10. Jumeriah Beach Residence

Jumeriah beach residence is an amazing place to live in Dubai for those who love the neighborhood of beach. It’s an amazing buildup of architectures and can accommodate fifteen thousand residents in its buildings at one time. Its walk ways comprises of many superstores, cafes and all facilities of residents.

11. Motor city

Motor city is another community to live in Dubai. It’s a remote town from the main stream Dubai and offers a facilitating environment to the residents. The mall of emirates is near to the community to provide the households. It consist of villas and apartments of reasonable and affordable cost to make your dreams come true.

12. Arabian Ranches

Arabian ranches is an outstanding place to live in Dubai as it’s the gated community or society providing all facilities to its residents. The great mall of emirates for shopping is very near to it facilitating the residents. It’s an opportunity of lovers of golf and polo players as it offers the area of golf and polo clubs.

13. The Gardens & Discovery Gardens

Gardens and the discovery gardens are the lavish places to live in Dubai. This area is a little far away from the main stream Dubai. It has a little access problem due to roads but when its construction work gets complete it will be the best place to live in Dubai is it offers the huge amount of apartments to live in of every cost small and major. The whole area is covered by gardens and meadows to captivate residents.

14. The Green Community

The green community is an outstanding place to live in Dubai for those who wanted to live in natural emerald environment far away from the rushed and crowded life of Dubai. It’s a remote area near to nature and makes you feel like you are in paradise. It’s the valley of nature lovers. It provides you the best facilities of every kind of food you desire to eat.

15. Emirates Hills

It’s an amazing residence and best place to live for those who wanted to live in gated community for security reasons and many others. It offers the number of well-designed apartments and villas on meadows and lakes to fascinate its residents. It offers the green ways to walk and put you near nature. These are one of the most expensive apartments to realize your dreams.