21 Things to do in Dubai in Lowest Budget

Well, the common observation is that Dubai is a luxurious tourist attraction. Okay! I agree Dubai can be fairly over the budget many times. After all, Dubai is among the most luxurious in the world, and people here define lavish lifestyles for the rest of the world. But if you think that budget travels are not possible in Dubai, you are wrong. Dubai can very well accommodate budget travelers and here we are going to mention cheap things to do in Dubai. So within a low budget, travelers can still enjoy the fun holiday in Dubai even on the minimal budget.

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Things to Do in Dubai with Low Budget

Here we are listing 21 things to do in Dubai within the low Budget:

1. Window shopping & People Watching

Dubai Shopping Mall

Personally, I love doing it. One of the most fun things to do in Dubai is to soak in the grandeur of the magnificent malls of Dubai. Whether it is Ibn Battuta, Mall of the Emirates or the world’s largest – the Dubai Mall, rest assured you will never get bored. You can also use coupon codes and save a lot of money while shopping online.

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2. Learn More About Dubai at SMCCU


Skip the books, net, and tour guides. Know the history, culture and gain in-depth knowledge about the Islamic culture at the Sheikh Mohammed Center of Cultural Understanding (SMCCU). It’s the best way to understand the local culture, customs, and religion while enjoying the traditional sumptuous Arabic cuisine. You are sure to have a completely different outlook about the Islamic and local culture once you visit the place.

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3. Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

Almost everyone who knew I was going to Dubai told me to share the experience of the Desert Safari. And yes, it was indeed great fun. Dubai Desert Safari can fit in any budget and also has various options like overnight camping, safari with desert, safari with Quad biking or just the Safari experience. Simply Desert Safari is the must things to do in Dubai.

4. Abra Ride (Water Taxi) at Dubai Creek

Abra Ride at Dubai Creek

Nothing can beat the joy of the Abra ride. It is cheap, it is fun and my favourite way to travel to and fro from Bur Dubai to Deira. Once the only means of transport, an Abra ride today is one of the cheapest ways to travel through the Dubai creek. It is also one of the most exciting things to do in Dubai as it connects you to the history of Dubai.

5. Relax at the Safa Park

Al Safa Park Dubai

Despite the desert and Sand surrounding Dubai. Dubai is world-renowned for having beautifully maintained lush green parks. Come to the parks especially Safa Park any time of the day for a relaxed time out with friends and family.

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6. A Day at Jumeirah Beach

Dubai Jumeirah Beach

With the stunning backdrop of the mighty Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah beach is your chance to soak in the sun and relax on the white sandy coastline. Enjoy an array of exciting water sports as well. In winter spending a whole day at the beach would be the best things to do in Dubai.

7. Dinner at Dhow Cruise

Dubai Dhow Cruise

Enjoy the glittering skyline of Dubai on the open deck of the Dhow Cruise and relish the lip-smacking cuisine at the lower Air Conditioned deck with entertainment, dance and music. This two-hour Dhow cruise is a must things to do in Dubai.

8. Bargain in the Al-Karama Market

Al Karama Market Dubai

The good thing about Dubai is that there are not just massive Shopping Malls. You can get the best things at Souks. The best place to bargain and bankrupt you with amazing deals on irresistible souvenirs is at the famous Karama Market in Dubai.

9. Dubai Marina Walk in Evening or in Morning

Walk at Dubai Marina

Surrounded by high-end boutiques and some great outdoor seating cafes, Dubai Marina walk is one of my favorite places for a tasty English breakfast. An artificial city inside a metropolis, take a stroll at the plush walk of Dubai Marina and feel the vibe.

10. See the Jaw-Dropping Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa 360 View

Believe me, the hype is not exaggerated. It does feel amazing to be on the world’s tallest building and see the surroundings from its 144th-floor observatory deck. I wonder what it must be like to live in homes on its top floors. Dubai Tour can’t be completed without seeing Burj Khalifa. That is why it should be on top of your “Things to do in Dubai” list.

11. Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque Dubai

A mosque with an abundance of the rich history of Islamic culture, the Jumeirah Mosque is a must-visit for everyone who wants to capture the essence of the Arabic traditions. The very air is serene and instantly relaxes you.

12. Visit to Souks of Diera

Souks in Dubai

Whether or not you want to buy, each souk of Dubai beckons you for its vibrancy, diversity, collection, and infectious energy. The most prominent of them is the gold souk, perfume souk, spice souk, and textile souk.

13. World’s Largest Dancing Fountain

Dancing Fountains in Dubai

Dubai is your free ticket to see the world’s largest choreographed musical fountain also known the dancing fountains that would sweep you off your feet. The fountain dances according to the theme and you stand there mesmerized at its beauty. This is a must see things in Dubai.

14. Heaven on Earth The Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

Home to over 45 million natural flowers of numerous exotic species, the Dubai miracle garden is the largest and one of a kind in the world. One of the must things to do in Dubai, it is a visually refreshing treat. Within a few years, it has become one of the best tourist attraction in Dubai.

15. Ride on Driver-less Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro

Built in a record span of 18 months, the Dubai Metro is not only the cheapest and the fastest way to travel almost everywhere in Dubai but also one of the most sophisticated and comfortable means of transportation. And the best part, its stations are located in close proximity to almost all major tourist attractions.

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Cheap Restaurants, Places in Dubai

Here I am going to mention some very best Restaurants, Places Where you can eat in Budget.

16. Diera Street Food

Diera Food Street

Deira Street in Dubai is home to almost every famous international cuisine. While Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Chinese are one of the most easily and economically available cuisines apart from Arabic, other world cuisines like Lebanese, Oriental, Japanese, English, are also available in the authentic taste.

17. Al Dhiyafah Road

Dubai Al Diyafah Road

Another street famous for delicious eateries, and vibrant foodies Al Dhiyafah should definitely be on your things to do in Dubai list to capture the real essence of Dubai’s food offerings.

18. Hit on the Buffet Meals & Happy Hours

Dubai Buffets Meal

When in Dubai, cash on the buffet brunches and lunches. Even fine dining has happy hours that can actually satiate your hunger with a sumptuous meal at a very economical cost. My favorite is the ‘Centimetro’ at Souk Madinat Jumeirah with happy hours between 5pm to 8pm. They offer unbelievable discounts on cocktails too.

19. The all you can eat Restaurants

Rangoli Thali Indian Cuisine Dubai

Dubai has many great unlimited meals that can treat your stomach at marginal cost. You can even opt for all-you-can-eat breakfast options near Dubai Marina. I prefer Rangoli Thali restaurant, specializing in vegetarian Indian cuisine at Meena Bazaar.

20. Hit the on-the-go fast food joints

Dubai Fast Food

A fast-food joint is the cheapest and fastest option to curb your hunger and continue your explorations of the city of Dubai.

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21. The local legend of Hotel Ravi in Al Satwa

Ravi Restaurant Dubai
Ask anybody about the famous local restaurants in old Dubai and Ravi Restaurant is a name that is sure to be mentioned. This Pakistani restaurant is a delightful and spicy treat for your taste buds.

Dubai may boast of extravagance in its air, but it still remains a favorite destination for the budget travelers as well. Whether you are a backpacker, a luxury traveler or simply going on a small vacation, Dubai welcomes you with all its warmth and impeccable hospitality.

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