Merge, Split, And Add Watermark To Your PDF File Online Using GogoPDF

Altering your PDF file may take a considerable amount of time. It’s the reason why tools were formulated to alleviate these tasks. As you search for web-based tools online, you can see several platforms that offer services to aid your file format alteration.

One of the tools that you can search online is the GogoPDF. Many experts have trusted it in solving the problems that involve file format modification. It offers you several tools for your file format needs. Here are some tools that you can utilize in GogoPDF:

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Secure Your PDF file By Adding Watermark

These days, once you post your PDF file online, you may not have the full entitlement of owning that file. Some people might grab and take it as their own. It is one of the recurring problems that you may face online. But, using the Add Watermark to PDF tool that GogoPDF provides could change everything.

The process of doing it is uncomplicated. You only need to choose the file to add a watermark and drop it to their system. The next step to do is picking the desired watermark. There will be options for you to choose from. You can also choose different images and characters that would fit your watermark.

After selecting your watermark designs, you can relax for a while until the entire process is done. The process would take up to a minute, depending on your internet connection. Afterward, you can now download your files!

With this tool, you can have a personalized watermark that could be used as a representation of ownership. The entire process is very straightforward. You do not need to be techy to do this job!

Merge PDF files

You might have scattered documents all over your computer’s folder. This is a catastrophe on your end. If these files are related and essential, you may have the dire need to compile these files. The best possible option is to merge these necessary files. Luckily, GogoPDF offers a way to incorporate your documents easily.

Using GogoPDF, the first process you need to take is selecting the files you need to merge and put them in their merging tool. After that, GogoPDF will start to connect your files. If there are things that you need to modify, GogoPDF will allow you to do that. The process might take a couple of seconds. Then, you can download it right after.

Another good thing about this tool is that the quality is the same as the original one. You do not need to worry if your files will have a mixture of different formats. All the arrangements of your merged files are similar to the original files.

Split PDF File

One of these days, your boss or your teacher might ask you to remove or add something from your reports. It could consume a lot of time if you manually type those files. The best thing to do is split those files. GogoPDF offers you a simple step in separating your documents.

You only need to follow these steps:

  • Select the file that you need to split
  • There are options available on how you want your files to be split
  • Choose the pages from the file that you need to split
  • The system will analyze it in a minute, depending on your internet connection. After that, you can now download your files online!

If you are worried that formats might be changed when using this tool, don’t. All the texts, images, bullets, and other forms are retained. They will provide you the best possible option for your file format alteration!

Security Features

If your files have massive amounts of personal information, you might be worried about using the right tool to handle that information. Rest assured that GogoPDF will take care of all your data. The system automatically deletes your files along with all your data an hour after you finish your file format alteration.

The Cloud System

Using GogoPDF as your tool, you can all upload your files via the Cloud System. With this, you can easily share your files online. If your files are saved in the Cloud, you can visit and scan them anytime you like!


GogoPDF is indeed an easy and reliable tool you can use online. They also offer a lot of features that are not mentioned in this article. You can see these other features on their website. They also offer a free trial for a limited time!

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