Top 5 Best Places in Dubai to Eat and Celebrate New Year 2017

Every year the amazing city Dubai get ready itself for New Year celebrations. Its fireworks display on new year is worth watching. Every year the New Year celebrations are organized with enthusiasm to ensure the quality experience of visitors. Brilliant arrangements of large number of firework displays, dining options, New Year parties, dance parties, beach parties, rock stars performances, restaurants and bars nights out makes Dubai one of the best places to visit on New Year. New Year’s celebrations in Dubai are always special, like Dubai sets the Guinness World Record of Largest Fireworks on New Year 2014 celebrations.

Dubai offers abundantly ways to welcome 2017. Watch the spectacular fireworks in Dubai outshines itself with a spectacular range of fireworks at its three most iconic locations on New Year’s Eve: The Palm Jumeirah, The Burj Khlaifa and the Burj Al Arab.

Restaurants plan extravagant dinner for people especially on New Year eve. There is surely no lack of restaurants in Dubai that offer beautiful feasts to celebrate the arrival of the New Year 2017. As Dubai puts on an extravagant fireworks display every year, the best restaurants to eat at are the ones from which you can view the fireworks.

Best Places in Dubai to Eat on New Year 2017

Here we listed top 5 best places in Dubai to eat and celebrate New Year 2017 Eve.

1. Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai New Year fireworks

Downtown Dubai is scheduling new year evening celebrations. Like every year, Downtown Dubai is the main attraction of New Year 2017 celebration. It has become the most famous New Year party events in Dubai. Downtown Dubai showcases amazing fireworks at Burj Khalifa as well as plans a range of spectacular dance performances. The places of interest of the show are the concert of the musicians on the steps of the Burj Khalifa and also the Gala that will be seized on the Burj Lake. Spectacular shows of Dubai Fountains, the best and most beautiful Dancing Fountains in the world. Celebrating New Year eve at Downtown Dubai is simply the one’s experience of a lifetime as Water, Light and Fireworks show with long projection screen that displays the performances to audiences brings the celebration at new level for everyone.

2. Nasimi Beach

Nasimi Beach New Year Fireworks

The Nasimi Beach located in front of The Atlantis Hotel. The Nasimi Beach is one of the best places in Dubai to eat out to celebrate New Year Eve. Every year they design New Year party lavishly. The Dance, the Music, Celebrities, The Beach and view of Atlantis and Ocean makes you feel the luckiest person in the world to celebrated New Year Eve at a luxurious place in the world. Add to all this, the fireworks at The Atlantis Hotel in the sky is itself worth to watch.

3. Jumeirah Towers

Jumeirah Towers New Year Party

Festivities in Jumeirah Towers shows large fireworks spread all over the sky of Dubai, and has so much to offer that anybody can’t even think of. The food along with the cheerfulness is equally huge beginning from every kind of foods, delicacies and beverages. This should be in your top list of best places in Dubai to celebrate New Year Eve in Dubai.

4. Madinat Jumeirah

Evening at the Madinat Jumeirah At a distance from the stunning arrangement of cookeries available at the Madinat Jumeirah, this venue also boasts a gala New Year’s Eve dinner with fire dancers, musicians, live entertainment and free-flowing bubbly topped with an excessive New Year’s Eve buffet.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari New Year

Enjoy a New Year’s Eve at Desert Safari is a fanciful and exclusive way to welcome the New Year. The Desert Safari is one thrilling adventure unique to Dubai and a remarkable experience. The evening is lined with activities including a extravagant buffet spread, live music, henna painting with a fireworks countdown to the New Year.

Be present at these dazzling New Year’s Eve parties arranged in Dubai stand out in terms of the sheer scale of splendor and celebration regarded by overwhelming fireworks, superstar performances and VIP treatment guaranteed to make your night absolutely unforgettable. Popular venues above for parties with a host of DJ’s and top-notch performers and the Racecourse Atelier festival which also features some of the top performers from around the world makes the new year eve amazing.