6 Best Tools To Enhance Your Video Editing Skills

Last updated on August 2nd, 2020

Bored in life, but you have the passion for earning money through some different line, well, YouTube is there to help you. But there is a herculean task in order to achieve this mixed with a bag of luck as well. As we all know, YouTube has been a phenomenon for quite some time now, not only with video sharing sites but also for a potpourri of reasons. People are now hooked to YouTube rather than sitting on the couch and watching Television. Creating YouTube videos is fun, and you can share your life with the world, and ultimately you can become a star overnight. However, the path is not laden with comfort bur requires a strong will and perseverance. For this, you should have access to the right tools; else, you might have to leave in between your journey, which is pretty painful.

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How to Improve Video Editing Skills

You must be aware that more than 400 videos are uploaded from all over the globe in every minute, and if you have to count visitors per day, then the numbers will blow your mind. Any type of video is being uploaded on YouTube, be it animation, graphic, or mini-films. YouTube is a new way to reach your audiences. For all this, you need an efficient YouTube video editing tool, which will make the job easier for you. Invideo is a fantastic online editing tool and is mainly preferred by people for all types of users for video editing.

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Best Tools for Video Editing

Here we are with the list of best tools available at the moment to improve your video editing skills. These tools not only help you edit videos but also make your life easy while making you an online celebrity.

Adobe Premiere Rush

This is one of the sought-after editing tools for YouTube videos, and the rating of the application proves the same. Undoubtedly powerful with power-packed features, this is one of the best products of Adobe. Do try this tool as it will help you to mix the videos at a faster rate. There are some inbuilt templates, and which makes the editing run smoothly. If you are working for some company, you can choose the Premiere Pro version, where you will enjoy a bundle of features and advantages. The tool is compatible with any type of OS platform.

I movie

If you are using a MAC and have an interest in editing videos, well, you can go for free integrated iMovie editing software for the videos. It is free, cheap, and easy to use. Small and crisp, this app is perfect for beginners. You will get a brief idea of how editing is done and how you can upload videos on YouTube.


Everyone loves free things that are available, and if it is for software, you will feel like you have reached heaven. One free source application which is compatible as well for different types of platforms is Shotcut. It is a storehouse of features for editing videos. It allows you to trim the video footage to a certain length. You can add effects to make your video look awesome. Another great part of the video is the formats that are present here: HTTP to RTSP and UDP. You can customize your video by adding audio filters as well, which will be cool to hear on YouTube.


Often known as the video editor for all creators, this tool is for everyone right from a noob guy to a professional video editor. Here you get all the filters, transitions and overlays, and many more features to enhance your content for YouTube. In this way, you draw a massive number of audiences from all over the world. The other cool features this video includes are key-framing and removing noise from the background. It also comes with the equalizer as well, which is great for a boost for the starters. You can import up to 100 layers of media and also add up features in your clips.

VSDC Free Video Editor

This tool allows you to import the clips which are already present before and you can also directly record from the webcam as well, thus making it one of the best tools for the vloggers. Easy interface, along with multiple filters used on Instagram makes the tool a fabulous choice to go for. There are titles, shapes, and many other exciting features that make the tool one of the best choices to go for, especially the stars who have started vlogging on YouTube. The tool has some sensational audio and visual effects, which makes it even more enticing for the viewers. One more added advantage is that you can directly export to YouTube or any other media platform and that too quite easily. Even if you export your videos from other platforms, it is an easy task.

Da Vinci Resolve 15

This is a free editing tool, and the best part is that you can work both online and offline in this tool. It provides colour correction, post-production audio effects, and many other effects. You can also pitch in with someone else to ramp up your productivity for the editing skills for YouTube videos. This is quite an interesting fact and you can share knowledge in a great manner. The impressive features will help with the ranking of the videos as well. You can add some keywords as well to make the video more remarkable.

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Final Words

The resources are right there. You just have to grab the opportunity and improve your video editing skills to excel in the field. Do not be afraid as everyone starts something from scratch. YouTube has already made its mark in the world, and now, it is your turn to make a mark on the platform. You would face huge competition. However, do not get lost or upset, as once you take up the challenges, only then you will succeed. The focus has to remain else you will find it challenging to cope up with the world and digital technology. No matter what, before editing, you must decide on the content. There are various types of videos that you can make for YouTube which include creating intro videos, outro videos, promo videos, instructional videos, marketing videos etc. And using these above-mentioned tools you can start your career even with basic video editing skills.

Based on what suits your channel the best accordingly you should strategize the content.