UAE is Among the Best Budget-Friendly Family Holiday Destinations

Family vacations are a beautiful experience where you enjoy travelling with people you love for a few days, taking a break from your normal lives. While living chaotic lives in urban areas, it becomes difficult to give enough time to your family and enjoy together.

Therefore, planning a trip abroad or within the country along with your family members strengthens the bond you have with them. Family vacations have their own charismatic charm, which you understand while travelling with them.
As per surveys conducted by several travel companies, it shows that about 88 million Americans travel each year with their loved ones on family vacations. It also shows that about 44 percent of millennials always plans for a trip with their families to various destinations across the globe in order to spend some quality time with their family members.

With these statistics, it can be proved that people love travelling to adventurous places across the globe quite often and spend some quality time with their families.

Although, the purpose of the trip might be different; however, the motive always remains the same, i.e. giving time to your family. When a survey was conducted, about 45 percent of respondents stated that they go on family trips just to spend some time with their family members.

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Top Best Budget-Friendly Family Holiday Desitanations

If you are planning to go on a trip along with your family, these are some of the best adventurous destinations that you can prefer to travel depending on the budget you have:


The basic rule or practice you should follow while travelling with your family members is don’t blindly trust in what the media and tourism promoters say.

Jordan is not being considered as a hotspot in the radars of travellers; however, it is one of the best places to travel if your budget is low.

It is located in Arab and has beautiful places that will definitely give you goosebumps if you haven’t seen such sceneries before.

It has numerous spots to visit, which is ideal for a family to visit at any given time throughout the year.
It also has a mesmerizing dead sea that will undoubtedly take your breath away. Plan your trip and fly to this place along with your family.

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Nepal is one of the beautiful places in the Asian Region, a place that is worth the money invested in travelling.
The beautiful Himalayas will blow your mind away, and it has enchanting tall ranges to incredible valleys that will give you the best adventure experience of your life.

It is a perfect destination for you and your family if you have a limited budget to travel. There are abundant trekking stretches, sports, and many scenic beauties that will enhance your experience of visiting this place.
It is also a prominent pilgrimage place with numerous Buddhist temples spread throughout the country. So, what are you waiting for? Book your flight tickets much before to save money and invest in the trip.

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The beauty of Bhutan cannot be defined in just a few words. It is considered one amongst the pollution-free and the peaceful countries to live in.

If you require a much-needed budget-friendly family trip, then choosing Bhutan for your next trip should be the best option for you.

Located within the lap of Himalayas, this nation will give you the best experience of your life with its best scenic locations.

The drive across the mountains and ranges of Himalayas is incredible, and the dense forests the country has taken you a step closer to the tropical flora and fauna.

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This famous place comprises of some of the best beaches across the world and is also ideal for an outdoor adventure vacation.

With numerous tourist places located in this region, Indonesia attracts a lot of tourists from several parts of the world.

You get a chance to enjoy in the forest reserves and other heritage sites.

Besides this, you can travel to places such as Bali, Jakarta, etc. that is located within the country, attracting millions of tourists across the globe.

Most of the people across the world who are on a family trip prefer to fly in Air Canada flights because of the kinds of services it offers.

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Located just near to the Himalayas, China is known for its prosperity and the culture it follows across the world. The nation takes pride in showcasing the traditions and heritage sites.

There are two specific reasons why you must visit China once in your lifetime –

  • The scenic beauty of the landscapes, and
  • Bustling metropolitan cities that never sleeps

The beauty of the Red Dragon forces you to enjoy the carnival-like celebrations at the festivals, and you also get a chance to enjoy the country’s famous event.

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This country doesn’t require any sort of introduction, and the beauty it has cannot be defined in just a few sentences or words.

Known to be one of the famous countries to visit across the globe, it is an ideal family vacation destination.
The architecture and the heritage of the country will just mesmerize you to a certain extent. It is an excellent place for you and your family if you love seas and beaches.

The seafood in this place is worth the money that you invest in. The green mountains, beautiful waterfalls, and clean beaches don’t easily get out of your heads.

If you are getting a chance to visit this place, don’t miss it. Book tickets well in advance and head to this destination along with your family.

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UAE – United Arab Emirates

It is also an ideal destination for all the families and is quite a prominent place for its ultra-modern facilities that the city offers.

Although, the budget may go high at a certain point if you are visiting a place like Dubai in UAE; however, the rest of the country has most magnificent landscapes and desserts that you won’t find anywhere else around the world.

Plan your budget strategically if you are visiting the UAE to enjoy the epitome of luxurious lives. It has a plethora of destinations offering adventurous activities that will take your breath away for some time.

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Final Words

If you want to spend some quality time with your family, then choose one of the best destinations from the above as per your budget.

The adventure and the thrill that you will experience by visiting this place along with your family is just marvellous and breath-taking.

The whole world consists of various beautiful places that give you an experience that you wouldn’t have experienced before. Above listed are just a few options that you can choose and include in your bucket list; however, you can also research from your end and find some beautiful places to travel along with your family.