9 Best Ways of Decorating Your Home for Ramadan Eid in Dubai

Decorating your home for Eid is a lot of fun.

But if you don’t plan ahead, it can be stressful too.

Here’s how you can prepare your home for this grandest celebration of the year, and make it more fun for the kids and the whole family!

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1. Pick a Theme

Start by choosing a theme. Take time to visualize the overall feel and look you want for your home on Eid.

Do you want it traditional? Then you need fancy rugs and carpets. Like it colourful and festive? That means more garlands, balloons, and screaming centrepieces.

Contemporary cheer? Select pieces that add elegance and modern touch to your home decor.

Child-like? Balloons, lanterns, and cute wall accents are your friends.

Rustic? Decorate with in-season flowers, metal ornaments, and wood.

You can also explore other themes like whimsical, jungle-inspired, Meccan-theme, etc. Themes are a must. Don’t be afraid to try something new and daring.

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2. Light up your Space

You need good lighting to spruce up your space on Eid.

Not just good lighting. Rather, festive lighting!

Hang string lights outside your home – on the windows, around the door, and on your patio. Eid lamps are perfect decorations for your outdoor space too. Line a few big lanterns along the stair leading to your door.

String lights are also an affordable option to create an enchanting oasis inside your home. You can drape them on walls, staircases, windows, and ceilings.

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3. Candles

Eid Candles in Dubai

Another easy way to dazzle up your home on Eid is through candles.

Light up some Eid Mubarak candles to commemorate such an amazing festival. Either use them as an accent or a major decoration for your entire home!

Here are some more ideas to decorate your home with candles on Eid:

  • Stick taper candles inside glass bottles or jars. Place them in your centrepieces or add them as pillars, along with some greenery.
  • Use vintage candles. Use candles of the same colour for a whimsy feel or opt for different shades for a boho-chic look.
  • Do rustic styles appeal to you? Create a centrepiece using a wood plank or aged wood board. Add twigs, pinecones, and vintage glass or jars.

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4. Set up the Table

Eid Table Decoration

While mouthwatering dishes and hearty treats are central in Eid celebrations, you should give weight to the presentation too.

Here’s how you can “dress up” the table for a festive Eid lunch or dinner at home:

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5. Layered coziness

Isn’t it amazing how a nice tablecloth can quickly spruce up your kitchen/dinner table? Choose a design that suits your theme and complements your silverware.

For a cosy feel, dress the table with a larger solid-hued cloth as the base. Top it off with a smaller one that has a more intricate design (make sure the colour pops too).

Place a posh rug underneath the table to make it a focal point in your kitchen or dining area. Browse through some of the best carpets in Dubai to find the perfect piece for your Eid home.

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6. Decorated Trays and Plates

Eid is the best time to use your best plates, serving trays, and silverware. Put out the utensils you would use if special guests are coming.

7. Do Not Clutter with Cutlery

Speaking of decorating your Eid dinner table, you want everything to be neatly arranged – from the serving trays to the utensils.

Instead of having a separate holder for the spoons, serve them with the serving dishes. Make it easy for everyone by placing the bowls beside the plates of each person. It’s a great way to keep your table beautiful and reduce the clutter.

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8. Hanging Decors for Doors

Instil the Eid vibe right before your guests enter your home by hanging moon and star decals. Alternately, you can place a beautiful wreath with your “Eid Mubarak” greeting.

You can also hang these decorations inside your home, in the areas with less traffic, such as the lobby going to your kitchen.

They are an excellent option for decorating bedroom doors too. Choose decals that match your theme. For example, if you’re having a “rustic” celebration, buy hanging decors made of metals. Alternately, you can hang lanterns on doors too.

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9. “Eid Mubarak” Banner

Lastly, don’t forget your “Eid Mubarak” Banner.

Keep it screaming by using a popping design, such as a festive colorful banner or one made with metallic paper or materials.

You can also create your DIY banner using materials you already have at home. If needed, add some string lights for a more dramatic, Eid Mubarak greeting.

The banner can be placed on the wall of your living room or in the dining area to create the perfect backdrop for your family dinner photos.

Preparing your home for Ramadan Eid takes a bit of creativity and effort. Make sure to involve everyone else at home to pull off a beautiful and festive decoration.