Getting Married in Dubai: Consulting a Lawyer for Legal Marriage in Dubai

Last updated on May 4th, 2020

Live-in relationships are considered illegal in Dubai and that is why getting married in Dubai is the only way couples can live in. However, Dubai marriage laws are bit lenient compare to other states of the UAE. Like in Dubai, at least one party (Husband, Wife or Wife’s guardian) should have a UAE residence visa. In other UAE emirates, both husband and the wife must be residents of the UAE.

Under the UAE’s law, the only legal bond that can occur between a man and a woman to have kids and form a family is nothing but marriage. When a couple ties its knot of marriage, it acts as a legal contract between them. If a couple is not married, there is no way they can live together.

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Getting married in Dubai

For Muslims, Sharia law is followed. Christians can either get married in the churches or their home country embassies. They can either follow the rules and regulations In Dubai or follow the ones of their home countries. It is totally up to them.

to get married in the UAE, some certain rules and regulations should be fulfilled by the residents. If not, their relationship will not be considered legal and they will not be able to live together.

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Marriage Rules for Dubai Residentes

We all know that the laws in Dubai are quite strict, a person is supposed to follow them no matter what. If he gets caught, he will be punished severely. Same is the case with marriage laws in Dubai. If you do not follow all the obligations for getting married in Dubai, your marriage will not get legalized and hence you both will not be able to live together. So, try to make sure that you do not cross the legal boundaries in any case.

For Muslims and non-Muslims, there are different rules to follows. Same is the case with the UAE nationals and expats. Here we are with some basic marriage rules for both the Dubai nationals and the Dubai residents.

Marriage Laws of Dubai
  • UAE nationals are encouraged to get married to UAE nationals. The expats are not allowed to get married to the UAE nationals. However, in the case of Dubai, the UAE nationals can get married to expats.
  • For non-Muslims couples, same marriage laws will be applied as in their home countries.
  • At least one of the spouses is required to own a proper valid Dubai residence visa. In case, one of the spouses is on a visit visa, he/she should pass through pre-marital screening by a medical examination in Dubai.
  • In case, spouses are from a different religion like Muslim man wanted to marry a Christian woman there would be no problem in getting married. However, If a Muslim woman wanted to marry a Christian man must convert to Islam before the marriage.
  • Both the spouses should be at least 18 years old at the time of getting married.
  • The groom and the bride should not be related.
  • Two witnesses are required, and they will have to produce their Ids.

These are some basis marriage rules in Dubai. However, legalities may vary depending on spouses nationality. Therefore, it is best practice to check with your respective embassy in Dubai before planning your marriage.

Consulting lawyers for getting married in Dubai

The best way to keep each and everything under control is by taking the assistance off lawyers in Dubai. They are very well aware of all the marriage laws in Dubai., this makes them a very good option for the public to consider while getting married., by taking their guidance, the people will be able to comply with all the rules perfectly.
The lawyers can also be very helpful for the couple during taking the marriage grant. They will remain by your side until you get married right according to the rules and regulations in Dubai.

Premarital Screening

The couple has to provide the medical reports so that it may become clear that the couple is free from any type of contagious disease.

Dubai has worked a lot to facilitate the people living in it but when it comes to the legal procedures, everyone has to be up to the mark. A slight problem in the legal processes may lead to their delay. That is why it is important to keep everything insight form the start with the help of lawyers in Dubai. this will save the people from wasting extra time in such processes. Click here for more details.