7 Ways to Modernize Traditional Home in Dubai

Even with visually impressive commercial locations, more and more people are choosing to spend more of their time at home. The stress of the commute or driving, as well as workplace pressure now compels people to spend more time in the peace and quiet of their homes. This is probably why many homeowners these days are embarking on projects to make their traditional home as visually pleasing and functional as can be.

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New Trend of Modernization Traditional Home Designs

At a recent international interior design expo, one of the trends that participants focused on was the modernization of traditional home designs. This falls under the concept of nostalgic futurism. Which is all about preserving the best qualities of traditional design and replacing weaknesses with modern and smart implements.

With this trend, designers believe that they can create a sense of continuity and preserve a lot of old architecture beautifully. Whether these are commercial or residential structures. At the same time, they can introduce design strategies that can make structures last for much longer without creating a negative impact on the environment.

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Traditional Home Design Suggestions

So, if you are the owner of a traditional home whose design you wish to reinvigorate for better aesthetics and utility. Here we are with the list of suggestions interior design contractors based in the UAE have for you.

1. Replace Broken and Worn-out Materials

The first suggestion is that you should replace broken and worn-out materials with more efficient and sustainable ones. Advances in technology have produced building materials that look like traditional materials, but are more durable and sustainable. Opt for these materials to refresh your home without completely altering its style.

Currently, there are glass and wood-like materials that have been blended with fibreglass. So they would not only last for a much longer time but also withstand exposure to damaging elements such as fire and acid. With these materials, your home also becomes a much safer place to live in.

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2. Incorporate Natural Light Sources

There are so many interior design strategies you can use to bring in more natural light into your home. Light wells, solar tubes, and skylights are easy enough to work into a traditional home’s structural design. With these, you can reduce your energy consumption and also elevate the overall style of the house.

Think about using larger glass windows and replacing a few walls with fixed windows as well. These will add sophistication to the design, as well as inspire new functions for the different rooms inside your home.

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3. Assign a New Purpose for Particular Rooms

Most traditional houses often have alcoves that usually serve as tucked away seating areas or shelves. Think about the needs of your home and see how certain rooms and nooks, that does not really get that much use can serve your aspirations.

For example, the owners of Capime Coffee in Japan have turned the small mudroom in their traditional home into a mini-cafe. The mudroom has become a cosy, joyful, and profitable space within their home. What they love most about it is how dedicating a new purpose for an often neglected space has made to their home. This way the life flow smoothly in and out of their work life in Dubai. This, they say, is a vital aspect of the quality of life they have always dreamed of.

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4. Make the Landscape as Functional as it is Beautiful

Thoughtful landscape design can appropriately serve the goals you have for your property. It can provide you with additional privacy and security. Not only that, it can create a more self-sufficient lifestyle as well.

In this modern world, wherein it’s a must for design to elevate the value of living, a smart landscape design certainly serves this objective well. Landscape companies in Dubai say there are so many approaches to take for this, and one great example is the aquaponics system.

Say, you have a fish pond, which is a popular landscape feature for sprawling gardens, working in an aquaponics system into the landscape design. This will free you from the responsibility of regularly cleaning the pond. But at the same time, it will fertilize your lawn and other garden plants as well. So, all in all, you get a stylish outdoor space that is also highly functional.

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5. Revive Non-Daily Spaces with Advanced Technology

Non-daily spaces are the epitome of nostalgic futurism. In traditional interior design, these are rooms whose primary value is to impress or serve a single purpose for one person. They are basically the grand room, extravagant dining area, and dedicated sanctuaries within the home, such as a meditation or prayer room.

Revive these spaces to bring a touch of class and culture to daily living. However, try to incorporate modern features such as an electric fireplace and noise-cancelling windows and doors for comfort and convenience.

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6. Add Movable Functional Rooms or Booths

In one design expo, movable rooms within a room were a big hit. With their smart design, necessary compartments either for privacy or for a new function can easily be worked into any room in the house.

These are ingenious implements if you do not want to mess with the original interior design of your traditional home. These movable rooms often have collapsible or transformable components that make them easy to tuck away when not in use.

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7. Use Smart Privacy and Security Features

You can add privacy and security products to any type of home these days, and they are always worth investing in if you have an old and traditional-style home. Which may not have been built with strong defences against intrusion or natural disasters.

Some of the security products that you can add to your home are an alarm system, that you can attach to the different entryways of your home. A CCTV to monitor the activities inside and outside your property, sensor lighting, and automatic blinds for glass doors and windows.

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Final Words

There you have it, seven ways you can try to modernize your traditional home. Some are easier to carry out than others. But all of these are worth considering if you wish to improve the style and functionality of your home.

These are not the only changes you can make, though. If you need more ideas, meet with an interior design team. Discuss what you have in mind and your unique requirements, and they will provide you with different solutions. You can use all these to turn your plans into reality.

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