Moon Lake Dubai Could be Your Next Favourite Weekend Getaway Destination

Recently a video has gone viral on social media about Moon Lake Dubai in the middle of the desert surrounded by trees and bushes spotting the sand dunes.

Moon Lake is a hidden gem of Dubai and located in the Al Qudra Oasis desert near Dubai. The beautiful small lake is located just a 60km drive from Downtown Dubai. Simple mention Moon Lake Dubai on your GPS and it will guide you to the exact location. The best time of visit is in the morning, watch the sunrise with sparkling lake water shines with solar lights. All of this makes the atmosphere beautiful and magical.

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Moon Lake Dubai

The spot is also for you if you want to get a chance to spot Gazelles, Wild Oryx as there is no crowd at all. You can also visit in the evening to enjoy the sunset and sand dunes.

Mostafa, a photographer who lives in Dubai, caught the dazzling view with a drone camera and shared the video on Instagram. He wrote: “I found this moon-shaped lake in the middle of Dubai desert! it’s another hidden gem, full of wildlife and barely untouched nature”.

The dawn and nightfall sees were “astounding”, as well, he added.

The responses and views he received were astonishing.

Another Dubai-based Vlogger, Khansahab posted a video on his YouTube channel two weeks ago.

Never know that Moon Lake in Al Qudra would be your next favourite weekend getaway spot in Dubai.

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Love Lake

Love Lake Dubai

Moon Lake is not too far from another popular lake “Love Lake” that gained attention after HRH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad shared on Instagram. Like Moon Lake, It is a human-made lake, in the form of two hearts, interlinked together. It has been made next to the cluster of lagoons in Al Qudra, which is around 50 kilometres away from Burj Khalifa. Love Lake is now have become a very popular tourist destination for the locals now.