PDF to PDF/A: Let GogoPDF Process File Conversion for Long-Term Safekeeping

Using PDF files will provide you with so much ease and convenience in dealing with file management and organization. It’s because you can easily access, open, and use these files on whatever device you currently have. When it comes to online activities, you can quickly upload PDFs on your social media accounts or any website. You can even attach these PDF files in your emails that you send every day without any technical issues.

However, if you have PDFs on your computer or smartphone that you want to keep for many years, you better convert them to PDF/A format. It could be the PDF copies of birth and death certificates, contracts, property titles, and many others.

The PDF/A format will retain the same quality of your PDFs after 50 or more years of having them well kept in your file storage. Don’t worry because GogoPDF will process the entire file conversion for you completely free. Therefore, read the essential information below about GogoPDF in preserving your PDFs’ quality for years of safekeeping.

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Short File Conversion Procedure

The PDF to PDFA converter of GogoPDF has the most simplified conversion process. As a matter of fact, it’ll only take a few minutes to complete the procedure. To start, you only have to get your PDF files uploaded on its file converter online. The tool will then immediately initiate the scanning process and extract every single detail in your PDF files.

You only have to wait for a couple of minutes until it becomes complete. When the screen shows it’s done, the PDF/A copy of your PDF files is now available for download and use. It’s the fastest and the most simplified file conversion process of GogoPDF that will surely help you save more time and effort.

Secures Online Uploads

One of the reasons why many PDF users become hesitant about uploading their PDF files online is the tendency that their files will be open and used by other people without their knowledge. Especially the accessibility of the internet, file sharing has become an everyday online activity.

Don’t worry because GogoPDF fully comprehends your point. With that being said, the developers of this platform came up with the best solution to your concern. After you’ve successfully downloaded the PDF/A copies of your PDFs in your computer file storage or smartphone drive, GogoPDF will remove all files you’ve uploaded on its website after sixty-minutes.

The system will clear out your files on its online server entirely and permanently. By doing so, no one will have an opportunity to trace, locate, retrieve, and use your DPFs without your knowledge. It’s one of the big reasons why many long-term PDF users around the globe still stay with GogoPDF because they all know that their PDF files are always safe on its online platform.

Effortless File Converter Accessibility

When you look for an online tool, find one that is available all the time. Hence, if you have an immediate need to process file conversion even in the middle of the night while you’re still finishing your task, you can always access the tool and get your job done. Another good thing about using the GogoPDF platform is that it gives you this accessibility benefit for your own convenience.

You only have to ensure you’re using a device that’s in good working condition and is capable of connecting to a secure and fast internet service. By then, you’ll always have access to the online file converter of GogoPDF, and you can get your files converted anytime and anywhere. That’s how accessible the file converter of
GogoPDF is that you’ll surely need for your files.

Painless File Converter Compatibility

The file converter of GogoPDF is amazingly compatible with many electronic devices and operating systems. You can even use whatever specifications of your laptop or desktop computer have. When it comes to operating systems, GogoPDF access uploads from Linux, Windows, and Mac. You’ll never have problems using any of these.

If you have a hectic schedule and you’re always on the go, using your smartphone to process the file conversion will be the best available option for you. No worries! You can always use that, and GogoPDF is also compatible with mobile phones. As you can see, GogoPDF will offer you free access to its online file converter with no compatibility issues at all.


Transforming your PDF files to PDF/A format can be a lot of work for you if you don’t have access to the right tool to use. However, GogoPDF will give you an opportunity to make your task done like a piece of cake. Therefore, if you have important PDF files on your computer or smartphone that you want to keep for many years, quickly convert them now using the GogoPDF online file converter.

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