Souks in Dubai: Experience the Touch of Dubai Lifestyle

A souk is essentially a market area of an Arab city where you can get anything from fresh food to artifacts such as a sheesha and tourist type objects. If you want to get to know the touch of Dubai lifestyle then spending a time at souks in Dubai is something you would love to be part of.

Most Popular Souks in Dubai

Here we are with some best souks in Dubai. Whether you want an Arabian coffee pot or a handwoven carpet, some prayer beads or other intricacies of Arab culture.

Gold Souk

gold souk dubai
Gold souk is the most popular and the must see souks in Dubai without a doubt. It is one of those places which has to be seen with all the glistening gold in the shop front, mixed in with the hawkers trying to sell their fake handbags and knocked off clothing.

Khan Murjan

Khan Mujran dubai
Khan Murjan is a new area in Wafi city mall, which has more than 150 shops with traders selling a variety of handicrafts. If you can catch it during the day you will see the light coming through the amazing stained glass window. And once you have finished your shopping, have some coffee near the waterwheel in the courtyard.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Midant Jumeirah Dubai
The Souk at Madinat Jumeirah precedes Khan Murjan by a few years and in its airy wooden interior, you feel somewhat taken back in time. The stores are more expensive, but some of them are exclusive. This is something not to miss if you are spending a day or evening at Madinat.

Souk Al Bahar

Souk Al Bahar
Souk Al Bahar is located in at Downtown Burj Dubai and has a modern day feel and attitude to a souk, with restaurants and some larger retail shopping outlets. However, in the main there are some great little stores that are worth a peak, and with the restaurants at the waterside, this because a great place to spend an evening.

Al Jaber Gallery

Al Jaber Gallery Dubai
Sometime you want to just get the gifts without the buzz of the market. This is exactly what Al Jaber does. Located in the middle of the Mall of the Emirates, you can pick up your bits and pieces, so it seems as if you have done the trawl for your friends and family. This is market shopping cheating at its best. No haggling, no buzz, just good quality souvenirs in one place.

Meena Bazaar

Meena Bazaar Dubai
Can you call Meena (or Mina) Bazaar a souk? It’s noisy and has the brightest colours in the store fronts. This is the place to get your material and clothing for your Indian clothes. But you can pretty much buy anything here if you ask the store owners. Meena Bazaar is falling apart, tacky and has the greatest heart. This is worth a trip to see the heart of India in the heart of Dubai. If making clothing is your thing, then Satwa, which is basically a square is worth going to, if you have the time.

Spice souk

Spice Souk Dubai
The spice souk is the one souk that actually feels like a souk. The smell of spice is great as you walk through the tight alleyways and streets. Worth the walk through to see all the spices piled high, and to buy your discount saffron.

Perfume Souk

Perfume Souk Dubai
If you want to concoct your own Arabic scent, and you have sampled the scents of the Arabian Oud and similar smells in the malls, then the Pefume Souk is for you. The smell of Arabian perfume is completely different to western scents and is oil based, so consider this before you commit your money.

Karama Market

Karama Market Dubai
This is fake central. If that is what you want, this the place to get your knocked off goods.

Places not worth going to if you are on holiday would be the fish souk – unless you like watching people buying fish, the electronics souk, where you cant judge the quality of product and the Deira covered souk, which is odd clothing plus cheap stuff stuff for your house.

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