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What Items Do Burglars Want Most From Your Home in Dubai?

It’s no secret that burglars will target homes that look unoccupied. They’ll take advantage of any opportunity, like leaving your lights on at night, to break in and steal valuable items from your home—sell them or use them themselves.

Security systems can help deter these intruders. Visit to learn more about ways to protect your family and belongings against burglars in Dubai.

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What Items Do Burglars in Dubai Want Most?

Burglars don’t want to get caught and therefore choose things that are easy to carry and hard to trace back to them. Here are some common items you should keep out of sight if you want to keep burglars away:

Jewelry And Watches

When it comes to valuables, nothing is more tempting than a piece of jewelry or a wristwatch. These pieces can be easily concealed under clothing when thieves try to escape. Precious jewelry is hard to track unless you have taken extra security measures to track or insure them.

High-end Electronics

Electronics such as laptops and televisions are often stolen by those who plan on selling them online. If a burglar breaks into your house and sees these expensive items sitting around unattended, he may be unable to resist grabbing one while there.

Wallets and Purses

Burglars typically go after cash and credit cards, which they can quickly grab from your purse or wallet before escaping. Avoid keeping documents with pins to your banking details, as housebreakers might access them alongside your cards.

If you have a large amount of cash stashed somewhere else in your home, this might be enough to satisfy the burglar and prevent him from snooping through other rooms. But if he does look for something else, you’ll know his priorities, at least now.

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Cell Phones

Cell phones are also popular targets for burglars because they’re small, lightweight, and contain personal information that could allow thieves to commit identity theft. Consider storing these items in a secure place when you leave the house, so someone can’t simply pick up your devices and walk off with them.

Access to personal details from your cell phones can result in identity theft that opens leeway to the theft of more precious belonging, such as money and other valuables stored in a bank.

TV Remotes and DVD Players

If your TV remote is lying on a table or hanging over the arm of your couch, chances are good that a burglar would try to snag it. The same goes for DVD players; even though these items are relatively inexpensive, they’re usually worth enough to make breaking into your house worthwhile.

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The best way to protect your belongings is by making them less visible and accessible to the housebreakers. You can accomplish this by keeping valuables out of sight, installing a security system, and ensuring doors and windows are always locked. Lastly, if you’re not going to use an item for a while, store it in the garage or basement. Burglars in Dubai are looking for homes that appear empty and thus ripe for their picking.

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