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Dubai Water Canal Project: A Project That Will Enhance Jumeirah Status as a Distinguished Tourist Destination

The three kilometer long Dubai Water Canal project, which has a completion date of 2017, will run from Business Bay into the Arabian Gulf, crossing past Safa Park and Jumeirah. With a width ranging from 80 meters to 120 meters, the scheme will also include a new shopping Center, four hotels and 450 restaurants as well as luxury housing and cycling paths.

The Dubai Water Canal project will enhance Jumeirah’s status as a distinguished tourist destination. Dubai Water Canal is Set to Become the Prime Dubai Residential Community on its completion. The project will contribute to automatically renewing water in Business Bay and Dubai Creek without the need for any hydraulic pumps.


dubai water canal project jumeirah

The scheme is expected to provide new areas measuring 80,000 square meters for public places and facilities, as well as private marinas for boats and a new trade Center at the entrance of the canal. The canal itself will measure six meters deep while bridges will be built eight meters high to allow the passing of yachts and marine craft.The canal would help lower the temperatures in the area.

The Roads and Transport Authority has started work on the initial phase of the main traffic diversion on Sheikh Zayed Road in the Dubai-Abu Dhabi direction near to Safa Park, as part of the Water Canal works.
The Dh2 billion project will extend Dubai Creek from Business Bay across Sheikh Zayed Road, through Safa Park and Jumeirah and on to the Arabian Gulf.

The Construction

The huge project was split into three contracts by the RTA:

  • Phase one was made up of the Dhs580 million development of eight lanes of bridge in each direction on Sheikh Zayed Road, and the course for the Canal that will flow under Sheikh Zayed Road. This has been completed.
  • The second phase was the Dhs384 million construction of bridges on Al Wasl Road and Jumeirah Beach Road that will allow yachts of up to 8.5 meters in height to navigate the canal along these roads. It will also include a multi-tier interchange to link traffic movement between Al Wasl, Al Hadiqa and Al Athar Roads.
  • The final phase is the largest – at Dhs802 million – and involves the digging of the Water Canal, and building the sides of the Canal that will link Dubai Creek with the Arabian Gulf from Sheikh Zayed Road, through Al Safa Park and Jumeirah 1. This phase is still active, and is what will be complete by the end of this year. It also includes the construction of three pedestrian bridges, four marine transit stations, and a manmade peninsula along Jumeirah Park.

Dubai Water Canal Zones

The Dubai Water Canal Project is an extension of Deira Creek, linking Business Bay to the Arabian Gulf. This environmentally friendly lifestyle development is comprised of three distinct zones.

1. The Water Network
The Water Network is made up of three bodies of water: The Canal, which runs 2.9 kilometers connecting Business Bay to the Arabian Gulf; The Arabian Gulf coastline that provides captivating beach frontage, and the Crystal Lagoon in Safa Park, which brings the coastal experience inland with beach and water access.

2. The Green Network
The Green Network connects Safa Park to the new Jumeirah Beach Park, offering an unparalleled leisure experience.

3. The Public Realm
The Public Realm is the develop-able land located along the Canal. A network of food and beverage and retail outlets positioned along the five-kilometer boardwalk will enhance the existing fabric of Jumeirah, one of Dubai’s most established, expensive and popular residential communities.

Dubai Water Canal Project Opening

Dubai Water Canal Opening

The Dubai Water Canal will be flowing by the end of the year and there will be an official opening in November.
This means the waterway will be full of water, and all of the major roads and pedestrian bridges will be open (however it may then take a while for the residences, restaurants and hotels to be built and opened).
In fact, both of the bridges over Sheikh Zayed Road are complete and open, both the Al Wasl Road and Jumeirah Beach Road bridges are finished, and the pedestrian bridges over the canal near Safa Park look to be almost finished.
There will be three pedestrian bridges that will run along the three-kilometer-long Dubai Water Canal, there will also be running tracks, sitting areas looking over the water, smart lighting (that can be controlled by an app) and lots of greenery.

The Walk

Dubai Water Canal Pedestrian Path

‘The Walk’ at Dubai Water Canal will connect with the current Jumeirah Beach running track, meaning a 7km-long continuous track for joggers. The area will also be very safe, due to smart surveillance cameras focused on pedestrians with face-recognition technology
So will we be able to live, stay and shop along the canal? Of course! Property developments will run along both banks of the canal – with 5,345 residential units planned, as well as 948 hotel rooms. The areas will be called Gate Towers, Jumeirah and Peninsula.

There will be four residential towers linked with Safa Park, as well as 211 residential units right on the water.
In other good news, Jumeirah Beach Park will reopen, and the stretch of beach on the much-loved, currently-closed park will extend by one kilometer as it will run out over the Canal’s peninsula. The peninsula area will also feature 60 marinas, 1,817 residential units, 957 five star hotel rooms and 347 retail outlets and restaurants.
The Gate Towers Bridge at the entrance of the canal to the Arabian Gulf will feature a three-level mall that will be built above the Canal and span 300,000 square meters. The mall will hold 434 retail outlets and restaurants.

On its completion Dubai Water Canal Project will totally reshape Jumeirah Dubai. The wonderland Jumeirah will become the highest tourist destination in Dubai.

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