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Everything You Need to Know about the KFC Wings and Football

It’s game day, and you’re in for some good football in front of a huge TV and surrounded by friends who are all fervent fans. Chances are, at least one of you guys will be hankering for some chicken wings. KFC knows this, which is why they also offer their own take on the fabled chicken KFC wings.

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Chicken Wings and Football

According to the experts at the National Chicken Council, for the last few years Americans eat at least 1.3 billion chicken wings during the Super Bowl. That’s about 4 chicken wings per person, if everyone was partaking. That means if every man, woman, and child in the whole country was eating chicken wings. For 2021, that increased to 1.42 billion wings.

The popularity of chicken wings started way back in the 1980s, when the health experts of the day were recommending that people go for the boneless and skinless breast meat. That made the chicken wings a much more affordable option, and various bars and restaurants realized that they can entice more customers with the low prices of these chicken wings.

It’s the sauce that really sells the chicken wings, and various bars have made spicy and salty sauces that go perfectly with the chicken wings and the beer their customers love. These wings were easy to share and cheap enough to buy plenty, so they’re great for groups.

Which leads us to football. Everyone knows that Americans love their football, and plenty of bars became sports bars because of lower prices for TVs and satellite dishes. Chicken wings became a great food pairing for beer during the game, and the game lasts long enough that people can consume lots of chicken wings through the night.

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The KFC Wings

KFC Wings

KFC did offer buffalo wings before, which is why some consider the Kentucky Fried Wings as a relaunch back when it came out in 2019. There were 4 basic flavors that became part of the permanent menu.

The spiciest was the Nashville Hot, followed by the Buffalo. Then you have the Honey BBQ, and the classic wings without the sauce. But you get some spiciness in the coating itself, so even that seemingly gentle classic still has some spice in it.

The Original

All of the 4 versions come with ranch dressing on the side. They’re all nicely crispy, and the spice is noticeable even in the sauceless classic. If you’re going for as much crispiness as you can get for your breading, then you can go with this safe, standard option without any sauce.

This is the choice for the no-fuss diner who just want the basics. Here, the fundamentals are all taken care of. You’ve got plenty of meat from each piece. The batter coating is well-seasoned and nicely spread evenly. The flavor is good, simple, and ideal with beer or even just a simple meal.

The saltiness and juiciness are all just right, and eating it without the sauce has its own appeal. Yet it’s also good when dunk it in some ranch dressing and hot sauce.

This is a solid choice. But since you’re trying out the Kentucky wings, you may as well broaden your horizons and try the other options.

Honey BBQ

With the Honey BBQ, wings, the unmistakable sweetness pairs perfectly with the spice level. If you insist on that sweetness, then it’s a perfect choice. Yet for those who don’t care much for overly sweet wings, this works as well, the sweetness level is just right.


With the Buffalo, you get that traditional tang you were probably looking for. It’s a classic choice for a reason. You still get that crunchiness from the frying, and the saltiness mixes nicely with the smoky sweet sauce. For those who don’t usually like Honey BBQ from other restaurants, this option will be a pleasant surprise.

Nashville Hot

With the Nashville Hot, you get that greater level of smoke that satisfies the adventurous taste buds. Anyone who generally likes spicy fare will most likely fall in love with the flavor. But this not devastatingly hot.

The batter is great, as it’s fresh, hot, and crunchy. You get the bold and strong flavors from the chile oil doused over the wings. It’s absolutely perfect with beer.

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Final Word

There has been some talk from people who haven’t tried it, that these aren’t real wings as people define it. instead, you’re getting boneless wings. That’s not true at all, as these wings are absolutely bone-in and fried as well.

Some might say that the breading on these chicken KFC wings may be somewhat thick. That’s probably true if you’re expecting the breading to resemble the Original Recipe. The batter for these wings, in terms of texture and coverage, is in between the Extra Crispy and the Original Recipe.

Get yourself an order for 6 pc wings for $5.19, and it’s practically guaranteed that it won’t be long before you ask for more.

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