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Fishing in Dubai: The Complete Guide to Know About Fishing in Dubai

Not many tourists know that like Deep Sea Diving and other popular water sports in Dubai, Deep-Sea fishing in Dubai is also one of the popular activities in the city. You will be surprised to know that every year Dubai hosts some of the best fishing events in the world. Dubai has become a popular fishing destination among tourists who love to go fishing in deep waters.

Here we are going to let you know all about fishing in Dubai.

Why Fishing?

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Going for expeditions whenever you are free is one of the best ways to ease off. You should always take some free time off these activities so that you can try out various expeditions. One of the things you may engage in during your free time is fishing. This is an ideal pastime activity for those who live near water bodies.

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Fishing Tips

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Should be well equiped
To enjoy your fishing expedition, you should carry the right paraphernalia. This includes nets, hooks, baits, and trout fishing rods.

Keeping Time
Keeping time during such an activity is also essential. You can put on a wristwatch to tell time. Taking off your watch when fishing might be risky at times because it can fall in the water. You can put on regular watches or some luxury watches. They will be firmly attached to your wrist. Some of them like the nomos club watches have water-resistant features, so you don’t have to worry when they come into contact with water.

A Good Fishing Boat
A good fishing boat is also essential during such a period. You can rent or buy one that will give you a smooth time moving through waters. A fishing kayak is one of the best vessels get for such an expedition.

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Why You Should Go Fishing More Often

Going for fishing expeditions is one of the best ways to spend your free time. Here is why you should do it more often.

Relieves Stress
Stress that comes about as a result of overworking yourself can affect your mental health to a certain extent. You should engage in activities that will help ease off your mind. One of the best things to try out at the moment is fishing. The level of concentration you get when immersing that baited hook in water will help you forget your worries. As a team, you can also engage in other fun-filled activities when fishing that will free your mind off any stress.

Fishing is an excellent form of entertainment for many people. You can compete against your friends on who will have the biggest catch of the day. This is something that will make you enjoy the fun that comes with this type of pastime activity. Your moods will also be uplifted in the process, and you will enjoy participating in the whole exercise.

Improved SocializationSource of Food
This can also be a good source of food. You can make a meal from the catch you have had on a specific date. Fish is an excellent source of protein, and it can go well with so many other dishes. Apart from having fun from this type of activity, you will also enjoy a great meal at the end of the day.

Improves Your Skills
This activity is not as easy as many think. You should have the right skill to have the perfect catch. We have seen many being taught how to fish from a young age. Doing it more often will help sharpen your skills, and with time, you will become perfect in this pastime activity.

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Fishing Rules in Dubai

Fishing Rules in Dubai

To do fishing in Dubai you need to get a license first. Dubai residents can get a fishing license by applying on Dubai Municipality website. On the website, you will apply for the “Recreational Fishing License string and hooks”. As per Dubai Coastguard directions, You should keep the original passport with yourself during the fishing trip.

Remember that a fishing license is valid for UAE residents only. Tourists can get a short-term fishing license with the help of fishing tour company. Fishing without the license can cost you up to 1,000dhm.

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Top Fishing Spots in Dubai

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There are many spots for fishing in Dubai. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Dubai Creek
  • Beyond Jabel Ali Free Zone
  • Dibba
  • Al Maktoum Bridge
  • Al Garhoud Bridge
  • Jumeirah
  • East Coast

Just remember that fishing is strictly restricted to the allocated areas and are not allowed in the areas where people swim.

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Best time for Fishing in Dubai

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Winter is the best time for fishing in Dubai as fish are near to the surface to enjoy warmer temperature. During the summer, Fish usually go deep into the sea as the water gets hotter near the surface. In Summer it is best to go fishing before sunrise or late at night when the temperature is a lot cooler. Fishing on full moon nights can be a magical experience in Summers.

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Top Fishing Tour Companies in Dubai

As fishing in Dubai is a popular activity, there are many companies offering deep sea fishing services. Here we are going to list some of the top fishing tour companies in Dubai.

  • Go Fishing Tours
  • TYB Sport Fishing
  • Dubai Fishing
  • King Fisher Tours
  • Amwaj Al Bahar Boats and Yachts Chartering
  • Asfar Yacht
  • SeaWake
  • ABSea Yachts & Boats Rental
  • Al Wasl Yachts
  • Fishing Tour Dubai

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