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Pamper your kids with their Favorite Toys only on

Pamper your kids with the most entertaining and innovative toys this season. And which is the best place to shop for children’s toys?, the most trusted online retail store in the Arab world! Explore the unending section of kids toys for you to choose from and appreciate the advantages of shopping for toys online rather than from a physical store. It is the largest online toys and gaming store that provides educational, fun, musical and electronic toys for children of all ages. Toys become an important part of your home when you have kids and this is why it is important to choose them with care. Toys will be the building blocks of your child’s life. Shop for safe and educational toys for your child from Souq at exclusive discounts. You can avail various Souq Coupons to get additional discounts and benefits.

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Mega Bloks DCH62First Builders Big Building Bag, Pink

Mega Bloks

This is available on Souq at a whopping 40% discount for 87.57 AED, instead of 146 AED. Blocks offer the opportunity for play and learn like no other toy. Strengthen your kid’s spatial and motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination and build structural concepts with this educational toy. Build, stack and knock them down. It can be integrated with other Mega Bloks products for additional fun. It has an eco-friendly, PVC packaging which makes it easily portable. After a session of play, it is easy to stash the blocks in the ziplock bag and store them in the toy box until next time.

Hasbro Twister Classic Game (98831)

Hasbro Twister

Can you believe that there is as much as 83% discount on Hasbro Twister Classic Game (98831)? Buy it at an exclusive price of 21.00 AED and add a fun twist to your family parties. Any party or family night can come alive with this game that can tie you up in knots. Be the last player standing and win. This game is made using safe materials. It is durable and made out of superior quality products. It is ordinarily a very simple game, which can become very complicated indeed. Get tied up in knots while you follow the instructions given when you spin the wheel. Follow the directions, move your hands and feet to the relevant circles and enjoy.

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Refill Bullet Darts for Nerf N-strike Elite Series Blasters Kid Toy Gun

Refill Bullet Darts

You can buy 100pcs 7.2cm Refill Bullet Darts for Nerf N-strike Elite Series Blasters Kid Toy Gun at a colossal 77% discount for 11.65 AED only. These high-quality gun foam bullets are completely safe for your kids. Let your kids enjoy an active playtime with these engaging bullet darts. They are compatible with a variety of guns, including nerf guns or bazestorm guns. Made of foam, rest assured that these bullets will not cause any accidental hurt to your little ones. Neither will your kids get hurt, nor will they end up hurting anybody.

Light up Balloons – Multi-Color

Light up Balloons

Spend a mere 2.50 AED and get your kid a packet of Light up Balloons – Multi-Color. These are available on Souq at 87% discount. You simply need to inflate these balloons, like any other ordinary balloon. Throw a unique party for your kids, and light up their world and imagination with these LED light balloons. This is a sure way to mesmerize your kids and create a little fairyland for them. They are not only fun but also affordable. These will be the perfect party accessory for your kids’ birthday party. Party time is on! Use them as decoration for your kids’ next party, and gain their affection. Where apart from Souq can you get 5 such amazing balloons at so low cost?

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Keel Honey Bear Stuffed Toy – 34cm

Keel Honey Bear

Get your little princess a Keel Honey Bear Stuffed Toy – 34 cm at 50% discount from Souq. This soft and cuddly bear is available for 65.10 AED only. Shop from Souq and save 63.90 AED. It is made up of super soft plush materials. Teach your little ones the importance of loving, caring and hugging. This bear is ready to become your kid’s best friend. There can be no better gift for your loved one than this soft, smooth and super adorable bear. And why just kids? This can be a great gift for grown-ups as well. It is suitable for machine wash as well as handwash. Its cute little tail and colorful ribbon bow make it even more appealing.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 31313

LEGO mindstorms

Buy LEGO Mindstorms EV3 31313 for your kid at a colossal 44% discount from Souq. Bring it home by spending 1649 AED instead of 2940 AED. It is equipped with touch, color and infrared sensors. It has engaging weapons such as tri-blade blender, heavy hammer, blasting bazooka, and gripping claws and arms. Unleash the creative power of this technologically advanced toy. This is the most advanced toy that LEGO has ever developed. Create and command robots to walk, talk, think and do varied actions. There step by step 3D instructions for you to follow and create 5 unique models. Bring rack3r, r3ptar, spik3r, ev3rstorm and gripp3r to life. There is an easy, icon-based interface for you to control their actions. Use the remote control to direct their activities. Take up the ready-made missions or download their app to get new challenges every day. This is a revolutionary toy, which your kid absolutely needs to have.

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Finding the perfect toy for your kid can be tricky. Souq is here to make your work easier. Children’s toy market is filled with overpriced junk. Visit Souq to avoid such junk. Find inspirational and educational toys for your kids at the lowest prices. Find interesting and unusual toys that will delight your little ones. Souq has the best tech toys for your kids. Open up many new possibilities of imaginative play for your child and help them grow up to be smarter.

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