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Backyard Landscaping: 10 Pergola Design Ideas in Dubai

Pergolas are a great garden feature that can go with almost any home aesthetic, but what makes them even better is that they can be customized and added to for that extra special touch. Here we are with the list of ten pergola design ideas to make your backyard garden looks amazing.

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Top Pergola Design Ideas

Pergola Design Ideas for your backyard landscaping.

1. Hot Tub Pergolas

Hot Tub Pergola

Even getting a 12 x 16 pergola kit for yard provides you with a lot to work with, and a hot tub can be a great idea. You can place a pergola over your small pool or hot tub for some extra shade when you want to sit back and relax without getting sunburned.

2. Patio Pergolas

patio Pergola

A patio can be great, but an added pergola can really create the perfect space to have company over. Adding some much-needed shade, you can enjoy our meals there or have a relaxing space to read your book.

3. Adding Plant Hangers

Adding Plant Hangers Pergola

Although your pergola will already be outdoors, it’s not a bad idea to add some hooks so that you can hang some of your favorite plants around.

4. Attached Pergolas

Attached Pergolas

Pergolas don’t have to be freestanding structures; they can be attached to the side of the house so that you can step right out into the shade from your house. Attached pergolas also tend to be more cost-efficient, since less material is needed in the construction process.

5. Outdoor Kitchen Pergolas

Outdoor Kitchen Pergolas

An outdoor kitchen can be a wonderful way to prepare your meals since you’re not stuck in a hot stuffy kitchen for hours on end. A pergola can help you define the space of your cooking area, providing you with both shelter and more space to store your cookware.

6. Pergolas With Canopies

Pergola with Canopies

Although the horizontal overhead lattices of a pergola allow it to breathe while still providing some shade, you might want to consider a pergola with a canopy. By using some weather-resistant material, you could even use your pergola while it’s raining outside. Just be sure to remove the canopy and have it cleaned on a regular basis to have it look its best.

7. Adaptive Pergolas

Adaptive Pergolas

The new trend is to go with a bioclimatic pergola. They’re capable of adapting to the weather, no matter how hot or cold it is. They have folding and motorized blades that make the seating area more comfortable and usable throughout the year.

8. Scented Walkways

Scented Walkways

You can use a pergola to cordon off a specific area of your yard, which can be a great idea if you have some scented flowers in your yard. Framing them will keep the scents together so that you can appreciate the perfumes even more.

9. For Growing Purposes

Growing Plants Pergolas

This is different from hanging plants; a natural pergola can be used to grow climbing vines. One of the more popular options is wisteria, which has beautiful hanging purple flowers that can create a very romantic look.

10. Hanging Swings

Hanging Swings

If you want a great place to sit and relax, consider adding a hammock or hanging swing to your pergola. This creates a wonderful place to just sit back and relax.

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If you’re interested in adding a pergola to your home, I hope these above given pergola design ideas will help you. Also, you can contact a nearby landscaping contractor to help you out.

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