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Top 6 Best Places to See Supermoon in Dubai

As everyone may already knows that Supermoon is going to be visible all over the world tonight. Supermoon will be expected to be visible across UAE and in Dubai at 5:52pm local time. Though it will be visible all over the city, However there are some better places to watch Supermoon in Dubai. You can take this opportunity to take best selfies and to make your friends jealous.

This will be the biggest Supermoon since 1948 and significance of this Supermoon is that Moon will be that much close to earth in 2034.

Best Places to See Supermoon in Dubai

Following are our recommendations of places to spot Supermoon in Dubai.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is obviously should be the first choice to watch Supermoon in Dubai. There is nothing compare to watch Supermoon from the tallest building in the World. Look at the following video of HRH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum standing at top of Burj Khalifa to see Supermoon two years ago.

2. Burj al Arab

Second option should be the Helipad of one and only seven star hotel in the world. You can see the amazing view of Gulf Sea with the Supermoon view.

3. Dubai Canal

Make the first experience of newly opened Dubai Canal awesome. Dubai Canal provides unrestricted views of the open sky and you can easily step on to one of the footbridges and look the awesome view of Supermoon in Dubai.

4. The Observatory, Marriot Marina

Marriot Marina is located at the heart of Dubai Marina. From the 52nd floor you can enjoy the amazing view of Supermoon with backdrop of the Dubai Marina and the The Palm.

5. Hatta

Hatta could be your best option if you want to get away from the hustle bustle of the City to enjoy the Supermoon view in Dubai. Hatta area offers beautiful view of the Supermoon with open sky full of stars.

6. Level 43, Sheikh Zayed Road

Level 43 is located off Shaikh Zayed Road and its central location is another great spot to see Supermoon in Dubai.

Don’t forget to share your Supermoon selfies and pictures with us.

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