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Everything Need to Know About Getting Tanzania E-visa from Dubai

You live in Dubai and you want to visit Tanzania, a paradise with one of the best wildlife destinations, traditional coastal villages, national parks, and beautiful beaches? If you have a United Arab Emirates passport or residence and planning to visit Tanzania you will need to get a Tanzania e-visa from Dubai.

Tanzania visa is the permission from Tanzania Government granted to foreigners to enter and remain in Tanzania for a specific period. The purpose to seek a Tanzania visa can be to visit a family, do tourism, do health treatment, volunteer work, study, do business, or holiday.

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What is e-Visa or Visa Online

Tanzania Visa Online

Electronic Visa or e-Visa is an online service to receive visa applications and issue visas through the Internet. It has simplified and made it easy to get a visa to a country by submitting a visa application and receiving a visa online.

Is Tanzania e-Visa service available?

Dubai is the symbol of technology whereas Tanzania is far behind in technology compared to Dubai. However, in 2018, Tanzania Government introduced an E-visa service for over 150 countries and The United Arab Emirates is one of them. You can apply for Tanzania e-Visa while sitting in the comforts of your home in Dubai by using your laptop or computer.

Types of Tanzania e-visa available for Dubai residents

Here are the different types of Tanzania e-Visa available for Dubai residents.

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Tanzania Tourist e-Visa

If you are going to Tanzania for business, health treatment, vacations, leisure time, family visits, and conferences then you must apply for a Tourist e-visa. You just need to fill out a form to apply for an e-visa and submit it. After the processing of your form, your e-visa will be sent to you via email.

The tourists from The United Arab Emirates can stay in Tanzania for three months (90 days) per entry using this e-visa.

Tanzania Volunteer e-Visa

If your purpose of visiting Tanzania is charity work or volunteering for humanitarian activities then you should apply for Volunteer e-visa. The process of applying for Volunteer e-visa easy. You can fill and submit application for volunteer e-visa online. You’ll receive your e-visa through e-mail.

The validity of this visa is 90 days per entry.

Tanzania Transit e-Visa

If you are travelling to another country and The requirement for this visa includes travel details such as round-trip ticket, proof that you have sufficient money to stay, visa for your destination country and youto travel through Tanzania. You will need a transit e-Visa to travel through Tanzania.

The process of transit e-visa is simple. Just fill out a form, a few clicks and you’ll get the e-visa. This e-visa is valid for 7 days.

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Where to apply to get e-visa for Tanzania?

How to Apply for Tanzania E-visa from Dubai

Now, you do not need to visit Tanzania’s Embassy in Dubai or provide any documents. Just visit Tanzania Immigration website and fill out an application form or you can apply for e-visa via travel agent. The process of applying, receiving notification of approval and receiving e-visa is done online.

Documents required to apply for Tanzania E-visa

  • Photo: Applicant’s recent photo.
  • Passport: Applicant must have The UAE passport of at least 6 months of validity and at least one blank page. Scanning of the passport personal details is also required.
  • Method of payment of E-visa fee: Applicant must have either Credit card or Debit card. Some agents receive payments through PayPal as well.
  • A valid email address: Applicant is notified through email whether their application is accepted or rejected. So, a valid email ID must be provided while applying for e-visa. When E-visa is issued, it is delivered via email in pdf file format. Applicant should print it and keep the email and e-visa saved for further use and as a proof.
  • Proof of marriage: The applicant may be asked to provide proof of marriage (if applicable).

The Method to Apply for Tanzania e-Visa

Tanzania E-Visa Complete Guide

Fill the E-visa application form, provide all the details required in application form according to the passport. All details provided in E-visa application form must match your UAE passport details.

Payment of e-visa fee: Applicant must pay e-visa fee for the processing of their visa application. Payment can be made via credit card, debit card or PayPal.

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How long does Issuance of Tanzania E-visa take?

The processing of application for Tanzania E-visa usually takes 10 business days. However, if there is no problem and everything goes smoothly, Tanzania E-visa can be issued within few hours and you’ll receive your E-visa through e-mail in pdf format.

Cost of Tanzania e-visa for

The processing fee of Tanzania single entry e-visa is 50 USD. And for Multiple Entry e-visa fee is 100 USD.

However, if you apply for Tanzania e-visa via some agent then the cost may change since they will add their service fee in the cost as well.

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Using an e-visa agent

If you apply for e-visa through Tanzania Immigration website, the process of applying can be more complicated.

Tanzania e-visa agents can help you simplify this process. All you need to do is fill your application form, provide necessary details and pay the fee. The rest of the process is taken care by the e-visa agent like applying, making sure your application is delivered, and successfully approved.

This helps in reducing effort and stress. That is why using an e-visa agent is helpful and easy.

Eligibility for E-visa of Tanzania
All the citizens of Dubai holding The UAE passport can apply for Tanzania E-visa.

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