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Dubai is Now the Number 1 Best Family-friendly Destinations In Asia

Asia is not only the biggest continent in the world, but it also offers an avid traveler some of the most exhilarating opportunities to see new things, try new foods, buy new souvenirs and merchandise and experience a mix-pot of cultures from all parts of the world.

From the vastly advanced Dubai with its architectural and man-made attractions to quaint and lovely Singapore, Beijing and its modernity to Delhi with its temples and other wonders, there are many things to look forward to when you pack your family in a plane and go to Asia.

Best Family-Friendly Destinations in Asia

Here are a few destinations that you must visit:

1. Dubai

Dubai is one of the biggest, bustling metropolises in the world, with almost every nationality and ethnicity in the world being represented. With practically thousands of attractions in this wonderful city, it is little wonder that Dubai receives millions of tourists every year.

Even the sands of the Arabian Desert are attractive in Dubai, and so are the Wild Wadi Waters Park, Burj Khalifa building, the Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai Mall, Ski Dubai, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo and many more. There are hundreds of things for families to do in Dubai, including some activities and attractions that are intended purely for children. Visit Dubai for its food, its magnificence, sports, arts and hospitality.

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2. Singapore

Stuck somewhere off Malaysia in the southeast Asia is Singapore, a center for commerce, an island city state, but one that has many attractions for both indoor and outdoor tourists. You will love going to places like Chinatown, National Orchid Garden, Masjid Sultan, Haw Par Villa, Mega Adventure Park, Mount Faber and the Singapore Flyer. As you will definitely see from all of these indoor and outdoor attractions, each of them has something unique to offer families. Singapore is unforgettable!

Many travelers fall in love with Singapore and consider living in here as an expat. You can earn a handsome living in Singapore by just being a freelance tuition teacher under tuition agencies. You can teach whatever subject you want as there are endless opportunities for qualified people in Singapore. This will enable you to experience the best of Singapore.

3. Hong Kong

Reports say that life is expensive in Hong Kong, but you are not going there to live there for the rest of your life. You are going there to have a great time and then move on. For children, the attractions are endless. For example, there is Disneyland with all of 30 rides and then there are the meet and greet tours where the children can interact with their favorite Disney characters. Other things to see are the skyscrapers, the dolphins at DolphinWatch, Hong Kong Science Museum, Man Mo Temple, Happy Valley Racecourse and many more.

4. Malaysia

This country has a lot to offer not only in terms of business but for tourists as well. Head there if you would like to enjoy one part of Asia that has as many, if not more amenities juts as you have at home. Some of the things to enjoy in this place with your family include taking distant shots of the Petronas Towers, spending time in Legoland, going to the enchanting Batu Caves, go to Malaysian Borneo and see Orang-Utans. Pay one of the Chinese temples a visit and do not forget to go to places where your children can marvel at the banned tribal traditions, some of which will make chill your blood. Malaysia has something for everyone, no matter how diverse their taste is.

5. China

Where Dubai is a bustling metropolis that magnifies everything found in the west, tucked in the Far East is the vast China, which offers a lot of everything. There is the cultural Chinese, the modern bustling cities like Beijing and Shanghai and many more. You must see the Great Wall of China, it’s visible from space, so it is only fair that you see it from close quarters. Other things that you must do in China include engaging in cultural activities in the Yangshuo, see rice fields which are more than 7 centuries old, visit temples and go to villages that are centuries old. There is everything to do in China, but traveling there can be a hassle, so do set your plans in motion early enough. Make sure the children see a Shaolin Temple.

6. South Korea

Specifically visit Jeju Island, one of the most kid-friendly places in Asia. It has so many things for kids to do which include swimming in the lovely crystal clear waters of Hyeop-Jae beach, visiting the Teddy Bear Museum, beautiful restaurants to eat like the Hello Kitty Café and wonderful places to picnic. One of the reasons to visit South Korea is that it is tucked so far away that it invokes a lot of curiosity. However, you will enjoy every moment of your trip there.

7. Japan

We cannot discuss the most beautiful places in Asia to visit and leave Japan out of the list. The main reason to visit Japan is to see the mix of cultural, historical edifices amidst so much modernity. If you visit Japan for its awesome gardens only, you will have done your family a great favor. Take the children to visit a Samurai’s home, and then let them dine in one of the themed restaurants. Other things to see and do include having crazy, exhilarating fun in the DisneySea theme park in Tokyo. Go to Mount Fuji, Osaka Castle and Kyoto Imperial Palace.

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