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9 Reasons You Should Travel to Dubai during Off-Peak Season

Dubai is every traveler’s dream. From the famous Burj Khalifa to uber-luxurious hotels, Dubai is simply brilliant and offers everything to everyone. However, during peak season, Dubai being a very popular tourist destination gets really busy and crowded with many tourists and this often leads to frustrations sometimes. That’s because, many travelers often have to skip one or the other favorite activity in Dubai simply because of the crowd and unavailability, and this leads to disappointment.

However, you can count yourself lucky if you plan a trip to Dubai during the off-peak season. Between March and July may be the best time to travel to Dubai. There’s so much to do and see! Like what you ask? Here goes.

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Things to Consider During Off-Peak Season Travel to Dubai

Before we get on to the list of best things to do in Dubai during off-peak season, it’s best to consider a few things.

Weather – Dubai’s weather can become scorching hot during March and September (about 50 degrees). If you plan a trip to Dubai during the off-peak season then make sure you can handle the heat and take care of your health, only then should you consider your visit.

Ramadan – Ramadan is the most important festival of UAE. Muslims come together for prayers and fasting during Ramadan and hence, you must respect their festival. Though, some attractions are closed during prayers, but there are still plenty of attractions opened to public. You can check the infographic of Working and Living in Dubai during month of Ramadan.

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Reasons to Travel to Dubai During Off-Peak Season

1. Slash on Hotel Prices

Dubai Summer Hotel Deals

After the off-peak season, Dubai’s weather is considerably cooler and hence, the rates of the hotels goes-up because the number of guests increase. But during Dubai off-peak season, the rates of the hotels go down to up to 50% for a few hotels. Hence, you can save a lot and it won’t be a burden to your pockets. Just keep in mind, the air-conditioning of the hotels will be cold so try to keep up with the weather. Grab the best deals and discounts during such season.

2. Travel by Paying Less

Emirates Airline Discounts

Airline tickets can be bought at a cheaper rate during the off-peak season while traveling to Dubai. Cost to visit Dubai during the off-peak is quite affordable making your journey more pocket-friendly. You may even get a chance to buy 1st class tickets in one of the best airlines.

3. Dhow Dinner Cruise around Dubai Marina

Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner

Treat yourself to a delicious continental dinner on one of the best dhow cruises around Dubai Marina. July and August are Dubai off season months where one should try out the dinner dhow cruise. The Dubai Marina is the perfect place which personifies the characteristics of modern-day Dubai. Plus, a dhow dinner cruise is one of the best things to do any time of the year. You’ll be cruising down the Dubai Marina for roughly around 2hrs and enjoying some of the best views Dubai has to offer like skyscrapers and other landmarks. And, you’ll get to enjoy dinner while listening to soft Arabian music. Can it get better?

4. Enjoy a meal at Rainforest Café

Rainforest Cafe in Dubai

Located inside the Dubai Mall, treat yourself to a tasty meal at the Rainforest Café during the off-peak season, especially during the Ramadan. The menu of the café is best for families and you can enjoy the ambience which is similar to a rainforest consisting of waterfalls, life-like animatronics, jungle vegetation with rain showers and thunderstorms. Please note that during Ramadan the café is closed during the daytime but opens after sunset.

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5. Arabian Food at Al Hallab Restaurant

Al Habib Restaurant Dubai

Head over to Al Hallab to enjoy some of the best Arabian food. The food is authentic, providing you with some of the best local cuisines like hot and cold starters (mezze), grilled meats (mixture of different meats), oriental salads and desserts. The concept of this restaurant is to preserve and share authentic local Lebanese cuisine. The menu is huge, which offers great food for children too such as cheese rolls, lamb kebabs served with garlic sauce and fries, soft drinks and more. Please note that during Ramadan, the café is open only after sunset.

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6. Go Crazy Shopping

Crazy Shopping in Dubai

Dubai is king when it comes to shopping. With over 1200 outlets inside the Dubai Mall, the price on products during off season is a great way to treat yourself with retail therapy. During the off season months, you can buy a few items such as bags and watches at a cheap price. There are shopping festivals during Ramadan as well, which sell items at mind-blowing rates. So, dig deep and empty those pockets of yours.

7. Dubai Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari Ride

No trip to Dubai is ever completed without a visit to Dubai’s magical desert. Comprising of Bedouin culture, which gives a brief look into the history of the earlier lifestyles of U.A.E., Dubai’s desert safari is just brilliant. There are so many activities to choose from the likes of 4×4 Safari to Early Morning Desert Safari. One thing to note that the rate of the safari activities is way cheaper during the season. One tip is to enjoy the Overnight BBQ Desert Safari where you’ll be treated with delicious BBQ, Henna design, belly dancing along with traditional hookah.

8. The Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa Dubai

The iconic Burj Khalifa is the tallest observation deck in Dubai, and offers some of the best panoramic views of Dubai city. Dubai’s desert, nearby ocean and different landmarks around the Dubai Marina. All these can be viewed from the observation deck on the 124th floor which offers 360-degree views with the help of advanced telescopes and HD cameras with high zoom technology. The Burj Khalifa’s observation deck may get crowded with tourists, however, visiting this place during the off-peak season will guarantee you less crowd and cheaper entry to the observation deck. Helpful tip would be to visit after the sunset for 2 reasons – weather becomes little cooler and the views during the night is spectacular.

9. Reasonably Priced Events and Festivals

Ramadan in Dubai

Dubai hosts many live events and festivals for all ages throughout the year. During peak season would be the worst time to visit Dubai for such amazing events and festivals, and it wouldn’t be a surprise though that the cost of events and festivals during peak time may be higher. But during off-peak season, the charges are far lesser and you can grab the opportunity to visit different events for enjoyment and leisure time. For kids too, there are many festivals where they can enjoy. Therefore, check beforehand for any events and festivals before your visit.

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If you plan a trip to Dubai during the off-peak season or Ramadan, there’s nothing to worry about. You won’t miss out on any major attractions in Dubai as they are all open to the public. However, you’ll need to check and plan in advance before your visit. Do educate yourself about festivals such as Ramadan because it is important to respect their customs and traditions.

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