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Dubai Scientists claimed world’s first cloned Mammal – Cloned Camel

(AP Photo/Dubai’s Camel Reproduction Center)

Scientists from Dubai claimed the world’s first cloned mammal, after the birth of a cloned camel in Dubai this month.

Reproductive biologist Nisar Ahmad Wani has said that he and his team at Dubai’s Camel Reproduction Center have produced the world’s first cloned camel. Injaz was born on the 8th of April.

“This is the first cloned camel in the world,” said Dr Nisar Wani.

“This significant breakthrough in our research programme gives a means of preserving the valuable genetics of our elite racing and milk producing camels in the future,” Dr Lulu Skidmore, scientific director at the Camel Reproduction Centre, said in a statement.

Injaz, whose name means achievement in Arabic, is the clone of a camel that was slaughtered for its meat in 2005, the National said.

Scientists used DNA extracted from cells in the ovaries of the slain animal and put it into an egg taken from the surrogate mother to create a reconstructed embryo, it said.

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3 thoughts on “Dubai Scientists claimed world’s first cloned Mammal – Cloned Camel

  • Moomen

    Congratulations Dubai for having one more First in World!! Congratulations and Thanks to Dr Nisar Wani for making us feel proud again about our nation, UAE.

  • irfanahmadwani

    asalaam u alikim
    Sir, it was very nice to meet u,but it has been so great to lern about you & your achievements,we are proud to have people like you in kashmir,who are able to show there metal,i must congrate you ist,its an huge success.i will lookforward to see you achieving more & more goals.i really feel lucky after having a nice meeting with you.

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