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Significance of Food Brand Trademark Registration in the UAE

A trademark affixed to a food brand certifies its quality. It assures customers that food is safe to consume. Trademark gives the food business a competitive advantage and enhances the product’s worth in the market. It is essential to register your Trademark to maximize your earnings in the Food Industry. It adds value to the product, which eventually leads to customer pleasure. Continue reading to know more about trademark registration’s significance in the UAE’s food sector.

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What is a Food Brand?

Food Brands serve to differentiate and identify one manufacturer’s food products from those of another. You may register a trademark for a particular brand name or slogan associated with your food product.

Benefits of Registered Brands in the Food Industry

Food Industry UAE

Following are the list of benefits you get from registering a brand in the food industry in the UAE.

1. It ensures the quality of food Product

A trademark serves two purposes: identifying the source of the goods to which it is attached and reassuring the customer that the product is of a particular standard of quality.

2. Avoid public confusion

Trademark registration is critical for food businesses and companies to protect their identity in the food industry. Additionally, it is essential to identify the food product and avoid misunderstanding.

3. Prevent others from using a similar mark in the Food sector

The use of a trademark promotes the creation of goodwill in the food industry. Regrettably, many rivals attempt to abuse this goodwill by utilizing identical or deceptively similar trademarks. By registering your Trademark, you protect it from illegal use by others. Additionally, it provides you with the authority to prevent an unauthorized user from benefiting from your brand in the food markets.

4. It helps in winning the customer’s trust

The customer believes in the quality of the product. There are several food brands available in the market. In the market, there are a plethora of food brands. However, a brand that satisfies customers may gain their confidence and trust over such a product.

5. Filing of the case against the violator of your mark

A registered trademark ensures that your food brand is wholly protected. Suppose someone attempts to steal or begins using your mark without your permission and causes significant financial damage. In that case, a registered trademark entitles you to file an infringement action. the infringer in a court of law. The protection of a trademark owner’s rights will undoubtedly increase his commitment to developing higher-quality goods to compete in the market. In this sense, legal protection may benefit quality manufacturers by encouraging them and deterring those who may attempt to take the customer’s decision for granted with inferior products. It may be referred to as the quality element used to justify a trademark.

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Steps for Trademark Registration of Food brands in the UAE

Trademark Registration in UAE

Registering your Trademark with food products is extremely easy if done with a trademark attorney’s help. Here are the steps to be taken to register your food products under UAE Trademark Law:

1. Choose A Food Product’s Name

The first stage in trademark registration for a food product is to choose a name for your business, product, or both. When deciding what to trademark, you’ll need to determine precisely how you want to advertise your goods. The name must be original and must not be a copy of an existing trademark. A wholly unique mark is afforded the most robust legal protection under trademark law. In case if your brand name conflicts with an existing trademark, it may result in the cancellation of your trademark application.

2. Conduct Trademark Search

Once you’ve chosen a name, check to see if it’s not already being used for comparable kinds of food items, either as a brand name or as a product name. The most effective method of doing this is to perform a comprehensive trademark search. The purpose of a trademark search is to avoid the registration of a similar or identical mark in the same class of food items. Registration of similar Trademarks may likely create confusion in the mind of the public. An expert trademark attorney is your best option for doing a trademark search.

3. Filing of Trademark Application

After you’ve selected the appropriate name with the help of an expert IP professional to ensure it is original and distinct, it’s time to file a trademark application. On the application, you’ll detail the food product you’re bringing to market. There are different classes of goods under which you can file your trademark application concerning your food product. It would be best if you were sure of the product for which you will use the Trademark. Your trademark lawyer will assist you in choosing the appropriate category of goods for your application.

4. Approval from the Ministry of Economy

After submitting the trademark application, the UAE Ministry of Economy will undertake a trademark application review. Such assessment must be conducted following the governing laws of UAE Federal Trademark Law No. 37 of 1992. After the completion of all the necessary procedures, the Ministry of Economy will register the Trademark.

5. Grant of Trademark Certificate

Once the Trademark is registered in the register of Trademark. The Ministry of Economy will issue a certificate known as Trademark Certificate. It shall consist of the following:

  • Trademark registration number
  • Date of trademark registration
  • Copy of Trademark
  • Description of the food product for which Trademark is applied

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For the completed registration process, you can read our other Trademark Registration posts.

The United Arab Emirates Trademark registration process appears uncomplicated and straightforward. However, any errors when completing the application form or uploading a document may result in the Trademark’s denial. Therefore, choosing an expert business consultant acquainted with the UAE Trademark Registration Process is preferred. Experts like Farahat & co. business experts will offer complete help registering a UAE trademark concerning the Food brands and ensuring that all legal requirements are fulfilled.

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