“Green Roofs” for every building in Dubai

Last updated on May 15th, 2013

Dubai Municipality has embarked on an initiative called “Green Roofs” that aims to encourage people to grow plants on their rooftops. Municipality buildings will be the first to test out the concept before the initiative is implemented in a phased manner.

Dubai’s green buildings project about to be launched is considered important in reducing carbon emissions and in enhancing indoor environment and air. It also enhances the health of Dubai’s society and increases life expectancy of the buildings, as well as protecting the local eco system. Increased productivity is also expected. Economic support from different sectors is predicted.

Hussain Nasser Lootah, Acting Director General of Dubai Municipality, said the civic body had launched the initiative in line with the law on green building specifications in Dubai, which will be officially announced by mid-December.

He said Dubai’s green roofs project aimed at transforming roofs of all buildings and houses in Dubai into cultivated space, where the water from air-conditioners would be used for irrigation of plants. Dubai is trying to best plan for huge urban expansion, which is increasing heat levels of the region.

Mr Lootah said a Dubai study of green roofs had confirmed their success in other countries, and had convinced the municipality to adopt green roofs. The municipality chose suitable plants for the project, and its designs, in coordination with the Public Parks and Horticulture Department. A special booklet would show how to implement this concept so that it helps Dubai residents to apply for green roof help.

Mr Lootah said the municipality’s consultative study had defined per capita electricity and water consumption. These figures would be applied as a criterion for Dubai’s success. Buildings would not become ‘green’ unless the residents were educated on the importance of economic consumption of electricity and water. The municipality has also directed the building consultants working in the emirate to consider these aspects while designing buildings, he said.

The Green Buildings project will be implemented in three phases – short-term (2008), mid-term (2009-2012) and then long-term.