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How to Get Rid of Anal Warts?

Are you worried and want to get rid of anal warts? It is a challenging and irritating situation that hurts. The anal warts are minor warts inside the anus area. However, the anal wart condition is also known as condyloma acuminate. It is a kind of genital wart.

Some patients didn’t have pain or discomfort with anal warts, but still, it is irritating and terrible if they grow bigger in size or start bleeding. Anal warts always occur at a spot, and in some conditions, they spread to various areas of the genital.

Now, if you are worried about it, this guide is for you. brings useful information so that you can get rid of warts.

So let’s dive into it.

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Common signs of anal warts – Symptoms

Anal warts always appear around the anus or genital area or they are on the inside. It looks like small or tiny bumps that grow longer with time. Initially, anal warts are small in size, but later, they start to grow in the form of clusters. Anal warts have a peach color or sometimes tend towards light brown that blend with skin color. Moreover, anal warts are itchy and bleeding.

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Diagnose Anal Warts

It is essential to diagnose anal warts early for quick recovery. A doctor or an expert practitioner can diagnose and check for anal warts quickly through visual examination. Sometimes doctors also use acetic acid on the bumps for confirmation. Acetic acid causes anal warts to become white and makes them more visible for diagnosis. Moreover, the examination of warts also involves an internal exam using a tool like an anoscope.

The diagnosis of warts includes the biopsy of bumps to confirm its starting of the therapy.

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How to Get Rid of Anal Warts?

Anal Warts Treatment

Anal warts treatment is essential for getting rid of it. However, the treatment choice is different for every person depending on the location of warts. Moreover, the patient inclination and healthcare provider experience also impact the treatment method and how quickly to get rid of warts.

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Medical treatment, especially topical medication, is mandatory for getting rid of warts. It helps to recover anal warts when it is small and only on the outer layer of the anus. However, using wart removers on the anal area is not a good idea as it can cause significant negative impacts.

According to your healthcare provider’s prescription, only the proper medication will help get rid of warts early. You can use topical medications at home, including imiquimod (Aldara, Zyclara), podofilox (Condylox), podophyllin (Podocon), trichloroacetic acid (TCA), and chloroacetic acid (BCA)

Moreover, the other medication choices for getting rid of warts include cryotherapy, electrocautery, and laser treatments. These procedures include different kinds of medication and tools for getting rid of warts.

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Surgical Treatment

Surgical treatment for anal warts is also effective in removing large warts. If your anal warts are not responsive to any medical treatment, then treatment is essential to remove anal warts. Surgeons use special tools to cut and remove anal warts from their roots.

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