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How to Learn SEO for Beginners?

Let’s refresh your memory on what SEO is. In short, SEO is a set of activities aimed at developing and promoting a website to improve its position in search engine rankings.

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Introduction and General Information

As an SEO for Beginners, we recommend read the most useful resources:

The Google Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization.

This guide was created as a reference document for Google employees but has since been made available to all Internet users. You won’t find the secrets to successful website promotion in the document, but novice webmasters and optimizers can learn the basics of search engine optimization as recommended by the search engine and improve the quality of their site. In other words, treat the guide as a thesaurus and a short list of basic rules.

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How search engines work

Now we will understand the mechanism of search engines. You need to know this if you are going to provide effective SEO promotion of your site and make search engines “like” yours among thousands of others.

Google search operator

Search operators are used to make searches more accurate and to find the most relevant information on the first pages. They can help you save time searching for relevant information. Get familiar with search operators in this tutorial:

Google Help “Refine web searches”.

Search engine ranking factors

Ranking factors are characteristics on which search engine algorithms assess the quality and relevance of a website’s pages and determine their position in a ranking. Each search engine has over 100 ranking factors. You can read more about them in the material “200 Ranking Factors on Google”.
Pay attention to link factors such as

  • Page weight of the site: static, dynamic.
  • Anchor weight.
  • Read about each factor in detail.
Search Engine Sanctions

For violations of the recommendations of search engines and promotion of black methods, a site can fall under sanctions, that is to drop in position or even disappear from the index. This is how the crawlers deal with low-quality resources that resort to manipulation and trickery.

To find out which infringements a site can be sanctioned for, try learning from SEO training courses in India.

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SEO for Beginners

Regular Expressions

Using regular expressions helps make it easier for SEOs (and not only) to perform various routine tasks: competitor analysis, semantic clustering, working with text data, etc.

SEO Audit

SEO audit is a website inspection for various internal errors. The fewer SEO errors a website has, the more user-friendly it becomes and the better it is “in the eyes” of search engines. This is a rather voluminous topic with many nuances, one post will not be enough to cover them all.

SEO Optimisation

After studying the principles of search engines and the basic aspects of SEO audit, it’s time to learn about SEO promotion itself – SEO optimization.

Competitor Analysis
Competitor research helps you find SEO strategy techniques and methods that can improve the promotion of your site.

Website Semantics
This is a set of keywords that are relevant to users’ search queries.

Website Structure
Based on the semantic core is the structure of the site – the logical relationships of pages. A correct structure makes the pages faster to be traversed and indexed by search engine crawlers and allows visitors to easily navigate within the site.

Internal Linking
Internal linking is the connection between the pages of a site by hyperlinks. Its main objectives: distributing link weight, increasing the relevance of pages, and speeding up indexing.

Content Optimization
Optimizing and publishing quality content helps you to make it to the first pages of a search engine’s homepage.

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External Optimization

External optimization – is working on link building, ie posting links to the site on external resources. A large number of high-quality external links helps to increase the authority of the site and improve its search engine ranking. An SEO specialist needs the ability to analyze link traffic and link building.

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