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Interesting Five Cryptocurrency Myths

The maiden cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was initiated in 2009. Dozens of cryptocurrencies are accessible now, with a market cap of over $2 trillion. Thanks to the increase in prices, hundreds of bitcoin millionaires were made this year. Cryptocurrencies may wind up becoming a sizeable risky bubble that harms a lot of ignorant investors. With the current market drop, many bitcoin riches have already vanished. But regardless of how they turn out, the brilliant technology advancements that support them will change how money and finance work.

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Crytocurrency Myths

Following are the complete details about cryptocurrency myths nowadays.

1ST Myth

The real wealth that can be used for transactions is cryptocurrency.

The intention behind cryptocurrencies was to eliminate the need for credit cards, debit cards, checks, and other standard payment mediums. The bitcoin white paper, which initiated the cryptocurrency innovation, describes an electronic payment method that abolished banks and Govts from the financial system by authorizing “any two willing parties to deal with each other without the requirement for a trusted third party.” According to the website Payments, which refers to the computational engine that empowers cryptocurrencies, “Blockchain is the destiny of the payments industry.”

Utilizing cryptocurrency to complete transactions has become very costly and stiff. A bitcoin transaction’s validation takes hardly 10 minutes, and the recent median charge for only one transaction was about $20. The 2nd most prominent cryptocurrency, Ethereum, handles transactions quicker but charges exorbitant fees.

Additionally, the value fluctuations of most cryptocurrencies render them untrustworthy as a form of payment. The cost of a Dogecoin was 20 cents as of late April. It tripled in the following couple of weeks, and ten days later, it dropped to half its high value. A $10 note could be used to pay for a luxurious lunch at a high-end restaurant a few weeks after purchasing a cup of coffee one day. A prominent cryptocurrency’s value, like Ethereum, may change by 10% or more even on a smoother, more average day, making it too unpredictable to be helpful. According to Elon Musk, Tesla recently stated that it would stop accepting bitcoin as a means of payment, overturning a policy it had put in place earlier in the year. A single coin’s worth decreased nearly instantly. After that, a temporary crackdown on cryptocurrencies in China temporarily reduced the price by another third in only one day.

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Monetarily, cryptocurrencies are a clever choice.

Cryptocurrency investment funds are widely available. Big banks like Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Stanley join the fray. If you had purchased any leading cryptocurrencies the previous year, you would have doubtlessly earned a glorious return. A typical Motley Fool article debates “whether one is appropriate for you” alternately whether cryptocurrencies are a solid investment. According to Business Mole’s website, Bitcoin and Ethereum are still quite lucrative even after changes.

The fact that the dispense of most cryptocurrencies is carefully limited, like that of gold, seems to be a fragment of their appeal (by the computer programs that manage them). For example, bitcoin produces around $18.5 million, and an extreme of 21 million bitcoin exists. The computer software that dominates the currency’s supply has established this limit.

The demand must exist to produce value, while scarcity on its own cannot. Cryptocurrencies only have value because many people seem to believe they are excellent investments, even though most payments cannot be made and have no other inherent uses. If that happened, their worth might suddenly vanish.


Bitcoin is losing value. The future belongs to meme currencies.

Investors (or speculators, to be more on target) are spilling money into other cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin since Bitcoin is now seen as the grandfather of cryptocurrencies. According to Investopedia, Bitcoin was reportedly “losing its strength as the driving energy of the cryptocurrency market” in 2019. According to a recent Forbes headline, “Bitcoin & Ethereum left In the dust By Dogecoin & Briansclub.”

Dogecoin and Briansclub cryptocurrencies don’t even profess to be able to be used for financial activities since they are purely based on memes. The amount of these currencies are also not forced; thus, their values might fluctuate wildly in response to extraordinary events like tweets from Elon Musk. Meme currency prices seem predicated on the “greater fool” concept, which states that all it takes to benefit from an investment is to locate an enormous fool who is developed to pay more than you did for electronic coins.

Unlike some of the more recent cryptocurrencies, which provide better user anonymity, quicker transaction processing, and more advanced technological capabilities that support the automated processing of complex financial transactions, Bitcoin’s technology seems outdated. But despite all of its shortcomings, bitcoin continues to rule. It owns half of the value of all cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrencies will replace the dollar.

Ruchir Sharma, the head of the global policy at Morgan Stanley, has proposed that bitcoin “poses a substantial challenge to [the] greenback’s dominance” or, at the very least, that it “may terminate the dollar’s reign.” Even more severely, a Financial Times headline claims that “Bitcoin’s ascent symbolizes America’s defeat.”

The only thing that assists cryptocurrencies is the belief of the individuals who hold them. The U.S. government, in contrast, backs the dollar. Even under challenging circumstances, investors remain confident in the dollar. For example, even with low-interest rates, local and international investors avidly buy trillions of $ worth of U.S. Treasury securities.

Stablecoins, a new class of cryptocurrencies, seek to have enduring values and simplify the process of making electronic payments. Facebook intends to launch Diem, a cryptocurrency with an enduring value that will be backed one for one by dollars. However, stablecoins’ value stems from the fact that they are supported by legally recognized money. The dominance of the USD as a store of value will thus not be in jeopardy, even if dollars may become less significant in making payments.


Cryptocurrencies are only a trend that will pass.

Warren Buffett has likened cryptocurrencies to the Dutch tulip fad of the 17th century, and Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey has advised, “Buy them only if you’re prepared to lose all your money.” The economist Nouriel Roubini even slammed bitcoin’s fundamental technology, calling it “the mother or father of all frauds.”

The future of cryptocurrencies as theoretical investment vehicles is uncertain, but they are already changing how people imagine money and finance. Stablecoins will speed up the rise of digital payments as technology develops, ushering at the end of paper money. Due to the danger of competition, Central banks worldwide have been driven to manufacture digital replicas of their currencies. In contrast, nations like China, Japan, and Sweden are testing their national digital currencies. The Bahamas has already initiated its own central bank digital currency. If you still have any dollar notes in your wallet, they could soon become antiquities.

Soon, even financial transactions like purchasing a vehicle or a home may be handled by computer programs running on bitcoin infrastructure. Digital tokens representing money and other assets could make it easier to conduct electronic transfers of assets and payments, often without the involvement of reliable third parties like real estate settlement lawyers. Governments will still be required to uphold legal agreements and property rights, but the software may eventually replace traditional intermediaries like bankers, accountants, and attorneys.

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