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How to Prepare Yourself for a Job Interview in Dubai

UAE or United Arab Emirates is the most popular country where people search for jobs throughout the world. The UAE has huge job opportunities for job seekers. IT, engineering, sales, marketing, hospitality, telecom, tourism etc. are many open perspectives for job interview by seekers. Algorithm design, web architecture, data mining, and international relations are some special highly encouraged fields. Check out and see this website to best recruiting in Dubai. Also find below the tips to prepare yourself for the job interview in Dubai.

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Where to look for work in Dubai

Where to Find Job in Dubai

Before preparing for the job interview, You need to know where to look for the job in Dubai

Register on job portals

There are several sites or job portals where you can create your account at zero cost. Upload your details and keep looking for jobs of your criteria. You may also be asked to pay an extra charge to have more facilities in searching for jobs. You don’t need to pay any third party if you get a job through job portals. Laimoon, Bayt, iRecruitment, Tawteen Gate etc. Here are a few examples of job portals of the UAE.

National Training Platform

In September 2019, UAE nationals launched a platform to train 1800 selected individuals and later give them job opportunities. You can apply to the training platform. This is a three to six months training program and the subjects are real estate, gas and oil, civil, electrical, mechanical engineering, customer service, retail industry etc. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) gives certificates after the completion of the training.

Emiratis freelancers

For those who want to freelance, AEFreelancer.ae is the best platform where you can search for private or public sector jobs. MoHRE, Federal Youth Authority and Emirates Foundation launched this in February 2020, especially for remote area’s Emiratis.

UAE Recruitment Agencies

To search for a job in Dubai, you can also approach recruitment agencies in the UAE. Submit your CV to them and they will contact you according to the vacancies of companies or entities of your job types and choices. The company will pay the agency if they hire somebody, not the job seeker. Remember the agency should be authorised by MoHRE.


EJB or Emirates Job Bank is a portal where you can directly apply for private sectors and government entities. Many governments, non-government, semi-government, private, federal companies, national banks are now advertising through EJB.

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How to Prepare for a Job Interview in Dubai

Preparing for Job in Dubai

Following are the tips of how to prepare yourself for the job interview in Dubai.


As a candidate, you have to look traditional to the UAE. Though it is tough for non-Emirati people to adopt traditional attire of UAE, formal business attire or traditional clothing is advised. Both men and women have to wear covered clothes and it should not accentuate the figure. Men have to wear kandura, the traditional white robe and women have to cover the collarbone, feet, legs and arms. But some offices have their formal separate dress code. Piercing is more acceptable in UAE than in other countries but it shouldn’t distract the interviewer to identify them. Tattoos are not encouraged but you have to cover them if you have any.


The interviewers of UAE are much flexible in setting the appointment. Being the candidate you also have to appear before time. Keeping in mind that first impressions are very crucial, you have to manage well not only with the interviews but also with other office staff. First, knock on the door before entering, talk to the receptionist who will introduce you to the higher authority. And if you got late to be apologetic about your protraction.

Keep Proper Documents

Prepare your CV properly as it is the details of your experiences. If you are learning something, update it in your resume. Make copies of them, in case you have to give a copy to interviewers. Bring all your educational documents, professional certificates and all their supporting documents. If the candidate belongs to any university out of UAE then all of your documents should be attested by the UAE embassy or ministry of foreign affairs of the country to which they belong. Also, you need to attest from the ministry of education of UAE for certification of equivalence.

Practice the Answers

You can practice the answers to the probable questions that might be asked of you. In the UAE, lots of candidates apply for vacancies. So you will get a very short time allocated for you. Practice some common answers in your field well. Like, why have I chosen the job? What can you do those others can’t? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What skills and experiences do you have from your previous job? In walk-in interviews, you have to face these questions, so be prepared to be more preferred than other applicants.


Shaking hands and direct eye contact are gestures of confidence. While shaking hands, you have to hold until the host is leaving hand and in the case of the opposite sex, you need permission. You can also place your hand over your heart which is a gesture to greet. Address with Dr., Professor etc. to greet at the beginning. Use your right hand to exchange cards and have a look at both sides of the English and Arabic language. While standing or sitting, keep your body straight and don’t show your shoe sole to the interviewers. These are some physical gestures that show confidence and etiquette.

Clear Communication

Before going to any walk-in interview, you have to research the company, their goals, work processes, spend time on their social media accounts and prepare yourself for the interview according to this if the job suits you. Ask questions about the company and salary clearly.

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If you need a well-paid job urgently, you can apply in the job portals of the UAE. Estimate your expenses according to the country and negotiate your salary with the company. You can get any job you want. Check out and see this website to best recruiting in Dubai.

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