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Melodica Music Center Adding Happiness & Wellness Frameworks to Music Education

Melodica Music Center is working to change the way that music education is done by providing a later start time and more time for teachers and students to concentrate on happiness and practical experiences. As of 2023, Melodica Music Center is set to open more branches in Sharjah, Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Meanwhile, the newly opened branch in Sharjah Al Zahia Mall and branches in other emirates will accommodate more students with new classes in more instruments.

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In an effort to alter students’ learning styles, Melodica will also introduce learning accomplishment classes and exams. Even the youngest students will have the opportunity to select their educational path based on their level of learning and abilities. To assist students in honing their focus on Music and Performance arts, Melodica introduced a new framework for happiness and wellness.

Melodica Music Education

In order to foster an inclusive learning atmosphere, a focus will be placed on the individual needs of students and their families. The Happiness & Wellness framework outlines specific areas in which students will be assessed. How well they are fostering a culture of wellness, how attentively they listen to their teachers and other students, and how they are developing procedures and policies to enhance their academic achievement.

Parents will receive the evaluation results for each student, and based on the results, and adult students can devote additional time to their music education. The Melodicas student, Happiness & Wellness program will conduct monthly, involving more than 10000 students annually.

With the introduction of the Happiness & Wellness framework, Melodica Music Center want to ensure they are equipped with the right talent and facilities in their music schools & Dance Studios. As a result, demand for Music Education is increasing- particularly for those looking for higher career requirements in Music & Performance arts- Demands are increasing, and our businesses compete for the most skilled artists.

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Melodica Music Center wants to make sure that their music schools and dance studios have the right talent and facilities with the introduction of the Happiness & Wellness framework. Demand for music education is rising, especially among individuals seeking higher career requirements in the performing arts. Our businesses are competing for the best artists.

Melodica Music Center in Dubai

Melodicas Music Center aims to give children a unique experience with an emphasis on individualized music and art education.

This indicates that a student has a private tutor who monitors their development and determines their educational path based on stage rather than age, hobbies, and potential.

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The school supports integrating technology, design, and creativity to support student’s growth in a dynamic curriculum. We put the student’s needs first, making us the only music school in the UAE to implement the happiness and well-being idea.

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