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Top 5 Most Beautiful Deserts in the World

Some people associate them with dry landscapes, dead plants, and a lack of life. For me, however, they are pure fascination: the deserts of our earth. How much life is actually in the most beautiful deserts in the world and what surprises they have in store for you?

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Most Beautiful Deserts in the World

The desert landscapes of our planet are a place of extremes. Not everyone may find their sight beautiful and impressive. However, deserts simply impress me again and again. No place in this world can keep up with their superlatives: The biggest, the driest, the hottest, or the saltiest. And yet some plants and animals manage to find a home in these extreme conditions. It is probably this uniqueness and special feature that makes deserts something beautiful in their way. Here are the most beautiful deserts in the world from Death Valley to Dubai desserts.

1. Dubai Desserts – So Much More than Just Sand

Dubai Deserts

Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates and as you can see from the maps, the country mostly consists of desert regions. No wonder, because the UAE is on the Arabian Peninsula, the climate is hot and dry. However, the Gaze Sands are not simply one large desert but are divided into several. But not all deserts are the same. These places can be surprisingly diverse, every dune is different, and you can even find trees and oases.

You may know, Dubai is famous for its luxurious lifestyle, however, There is no exception to this rule for Dubai Desert Hotels. Some of the most famous hotels and resorts in the Dubai desert are Al maha, Magic camps, and Qasr al Sarab.

2. Death Valley in the Mojave Desert of the USA

Death Valley in the Mojave Desert of the USA

The Mojave Desert stretches across the four states of California, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. Anyone who has already made a trip to Las Vegas was already right in the middle of it. The expanses of desert that surround Vegas make the city glow even more sparkling in the dark. But the fascinating thing is what the Mojave Desert has to offer you: unbelievable natural phenomena!

In addition to being the hottest place in the world, the lowest point in North America is hidden here.

The desert is not only one of the driest but also one of the hottest places in the world with an officially measured 56.7° Celsius in Death Valley National Park. The national park overwhelms with extremes because, in addition to being the hottest place in the world, the lowest point in North America is also hidden here: the Badwater Basin at 85.5 meters below sea level. Colorful rocky landscapes, dunes, and mysterious tracks in the sand are not all that await you in the Dead Valley in the Mojave Desert.

3. Wadi Rum semi-desert in Jordan

Wadi Rum semi-desert in Jordan

The most famous semi-desert in the world is located in the south of Jordan: the Wadi Rum. Unreal rock formations, such as the Seven Pillars of Wisdom or the Om Lofroth rock arch, red sandstone, and drawings from the past immortalized in the rock make the Wadi Rum desert unique and exciting. The semi-desert, along with the rock city of Petra, is also one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers in Jordan. You also want to explore the Wadi Rum on your journey through Jordan and hike through the museum of rock phenomena.

4. Between Fire and Ice: Gobi Desert in Mongolia

Gobi Desert Mangolia

With an area of well over two million square meters, the Gobi desert runs through China and Mongolia, more than 50% of which is covered by the inland desert.

Guru tip:
If you also want to get to know this natural work of art, I can recommend that you start your trip through the desert with Mongolian nomads and their camels – it couldn’t be more authentic!

Compared to other deserts on earth, it has a unique feature: Gobi Desert in Mongolia is one of the places with the greatest temperature differences over the year. Characterized by extremely hot summers, in which the thermometer can often crack the 40° mark, and icy winters, in which the air cools down to -60°, the climate here ensures special conditions. In contrast to dry deserts with little rainfall, the Gobi desert has fine desert sand as well as small oases with lakes and plants, rock formations, and steppe landscapes. Snow leopards, wild Bactrian camels, and Gobi bears call the largest desert in Asia their habitat.

5. Driest desert in the world: the Atacama Desert in Chile

Atacama Desert in Chile

It does not impress with extreme temperatures or its size and yet it is world famous, namely as the driest desert in the world: The Atacama Desert in South American Chile. From Peru, the desert runs along the Pacific Ocean, well over 1,000 kilometers south to Chile, where it covers much of the country. For its uniqueness, and extreme weather it comes in the last in list for most beautiful deserts in the world category.

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