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My Tutor Source (MTS) – A Massive Money-making Opportunity in the Middle East

My Tutor Source (MTS) offers its customers the ability to not just avail it’s top-quality tutoring services, but also the ability to earn up to $10,000 a month through its Royalty Ambassador Program (RAP). Upon signing up for classes at MTS, users are provided a referral code to provide to friends and family.

Not only does this provide MTS an organic way to reach more students, but it also allows users the opportunity to earn up to 15% of the revenue generated through their referral code, in the form of royalties. Therefore, customers participating in the RAP can earn up to $250 per transaction made through their referral code.

Rather than just a one-time commission, these royalties allow users to continue earning a share of the revenue from their referred customers, making it a long-term income source. With the world entering a recession during the COVID-19 pandemic, these royalties have been a fantastic source of income for MTS customers.

Ms. Faiza Feroze, who signed up for MTS to get classes for her 15-year-old son, says that it took her no more than 10 minutes to refer 15 of her friends, with the resulting royalties earning her $1500 in just a month. That’s how easy it is to use the RAP program to supplement your income.

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My Tutor Source(MTS) RAP program has three tiers

My Tutor Source RAP program has three tiers, which are as the following.

Bronze Tier:
The default tier for anyone signing up for MTS. Those on the Bronze tier are provided a 10% share of revenue generated through their referral code.

Silver Tier:
Once a customer has referred 10 other students, they are upgraded from the Bronze tier to the Silver tier, increasing their revenue share to 12%.

Gold Tier:
Once a customer has referred 25 other students, they are upgraded from the Silver tier to the Gold tier, increasing their revenue share to 15%

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MTS RAP Benefits

The MTS website makes it easy for users to monitor their referrals, with the intuitive dashboard providing all the necessary information. The dashboard provides users with data on how much they’ve earned, how many students they’ve referred so far, and which of the three tiers of membership they are currently in. Having all of this data available in a single place makes it very easy for one to keep up with their status within the RAP.

The benefits of the RAP are not just limited to current customers, however. The program will continue to offer royalties to any customers signing up in the future, as well as people simply looking for an extra source of income. One does not need to be a paying customer of MTS to avail the benefits of the RAP program.

Simply signing up on the MTS website will provide a referral code for anyone. MTS will continue to help its growing community through the current economic recession, and beyond. MTS recognizes the important role its customers play in growing the company’s reach, and thus the RAP is its way of giving back to its community. The company is committed to providing top-quality education at affordable rates, and alongside the already very low prices, providing a source of income for customers further helps offset the costs involved in availing the online education service.

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The RAP program is incredibly easy to join, with the referral code generated automatically upon signing up. This code can then be shared via Whatsapp or Facebook using a single button click. As soon as someone signs up using the referral code, the referee will automatically begin receiving the appropriate revenue share directly in their Paypal Account.

For any further queries on how the RAP program works, and how to participate, MTS can be contacted directly at the link provided below.

MTS RAP program signup link:
UAE local website:
Website: (International)

US Address: 7527 Janak Dr, Houston, TX 77055, United States

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