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Reputation House: Can Negative Reviews from Ex-Employee Damage Company Reputation?

It is important for any business to work with reviews, as most customers prefer to look up information about a company before making a purchase and only then make a decision. This principle also works in employment: job seekers study a potential place of work to understand how the company treats its staff. And if your company does not control the informational online space, the consequences of negative reviews from ex-employee for its reputation may not be the most pleasant.

The importance of monitoring employee reviews is demonstrated by data from Reputation House, an agency that has been bringing the HR brands of companies around the world to a new level of quality for more than 10 years. It is a high-tech company that has developed its own software and two mobile apps for businesses and individuals for monitoring their online reputation.

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Reputation House about ex-employee reviews: they can and need to be managed

Reputation House

For many employers, comments from former employees become a real headache. There can be many reasons for negative brand mentions on the Internet, among them are:

  • Temporary or permanent problems in the organization of personnel management. Reputation House considers such reviews to be the most useful, as they show the weaknesses of internal policies. And knowing your weaknesses helps you turn them into strengths.
  • Misunderstanding. It often occurs at the interview stage, when the recruiter’s incompetence leads to some kind of unpleasant situation. It can be the result of your HR department’s inadequacies, which incorrectly selected a candidate based on professional characteristics or failed to explain the peculiarities of working in the company.
  • Difficulties in communication between team members. According to Reputation House, in this case, negative reviews reflect the views of those involved in the conflicts.
  • Personality characteristics of a person who shared an opinion about a company. There is a certain category of people who express themselves through any opportunity to leave negativity on the Internet without any consequences.

But don’t be afraid of negative reviews, as their presence on the web is not a verdict but an effective tool. The Reputation House team manages ex-employee reviews in such a way as to create and maintain a positive HR brand for the client.

How does it work?

It may seem that the best option is to make sure that job seekers encounter only positive information about the company. In reality, however, overwhelming positivity can play a cruel joke: candidates will think that your organization is purposely hiding something from them. Therefore, the first page of search results should contain resources in a positive and neutral tone, with a small amount of negativity to give credibility to the comments.

Reputation House - How it Works?

To achieve this goal, Reputation House uses SERM tools, a technology that brings the right company for the client’s HR brand into the top 10 of search results. Why are we talking about the top 10? Because 95% of people only look at the first page.

As a part of SERM, Reputation House:

  1. Analyzes search results for brand and other company-related queries. Special attention is paid to queries such as “brand name + employee reviews”. Identifies resources that need a change of tone, examines hashtags, analyzes the general reputation background, and identifies existing HR issues.
  2. Develops and implements a strategy created based on prepared analytical data. On resources where SERM specialists of Reputation House have detected negative ex-employee reviews, new content is published in a positive and neutral tone. Gradually, the old negativity gets replaced by the right content, which future job seekers see. If there is an opportunity to challenge an inaccurate reference, the agency team uses pre-trial and judicial mechanisms to resolve the conflict. New content is served in native form, without direct and aggressive advertising. Through new employee reviews, Reputation House communicates the mission and values of your company, its strengths, and shows its ability to meet the needs of your staff.
  3. Adjusts the strategy for the subsequent cycle of work to restore or maintain the HR brand. SERM specialists at Reputation House select the most effective methods and resources, which allow you to keep top-proven content that showcases your company as an attractive employer.

What happens if you don’t work with reviews from former employees?

Former Employee Reviews

Lack of control over the online informational field can have many consequences for your HR brand, such as:

  • Increase in the financial costs of hiring employees. According to the Reputation House agency, reviews with a positive tone save up to 40-43% on hiring. People want to work for a company with a good reputation and are ready to send their resumes themselves without waiting for a recruiter’s invitation.
  • Deterioration of corporate culture. Reviews from staff are honest feedback that shows the weaknesses of your company’s internal policies. Eliminating weaknesses will allow you to create an attractive corporate culture, which will become one of the HR brand values.
  • Increased expenditures on personnel pay. Research proves that for many employees, the climate in the company is more important than a high salary. Thus, up to 69% of job seekers will refuse an offer from a company with a bad reputation. And even if the salary is increased by 100%, one-third of candidates will still give a negative answer.
  • Reduction in productivity. In the experience of Reputation House, a lack of control over reviews leads to the reluctance of qualified personnel to become part of the team. As a result, the staff consists of uninvolved, poorly qualified applicants, which reduces the company’s ability to compete on the market.

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With SERM tools and the Reputation House team, you can offset such negative effects. Your company will become attractive to real professionals, which will lead to an increase in productivity and, consequently, revenue. And even if former employees or competitors want to defame you, your HR brand will be able to get out of the crisis with dignity and without losses.

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