Thursday, May 16, 2024


How to Put Robux in Group Funds

Robux is a currency in virtual form. With this virtual money, players can buy everything that is given in Roblox, like clothes and gear. By getting Robux group funds, players can gain various advantages like funding group enhancement projects, purchasing group ownership, giving rewards to other group members, buying assets for the group, etc.

However, “How to Put Robux in Group Funds” is frequently asked. So today, we will explore comprehensively the procedure for putting Robux in group funds. Everyone knows that you cannot directly put Robux into the group funds. However, there are various indirect ways to do so, and here we will discuss those.

Tip: One way to earn Robux to add to your group funds is by playing Blox Fruits after you Buy Roblox Blox Fruit Account and selling in-game items or services. You can then contribute these Robux to your group funds. But remember to follow Roblox’s terms of service and community guidelines when earning. Other ways can be to buy cheap Robux for sale or an online Robux gift card.


Method 1

You must be a proper group member with full permission to join the base. To start, select the group you want to add Robux in, and there you will see an option “create.” Click on that to proceed further. After this, go to the group creations and create a new item like a shirt or a pair of trousers.

To move further, allocate a price to this creation; the cost can be the amount of Robux you want to put in the group funds. Next, save the created item and buy it with your Robux. Purchasing your creation will add Robux to group funds.

Another member of your group can also do one more thing, the step to create a new item, and then you can buy that item too for this whole process.

Method 2

Another way to get Robux group funds is if you have a published game experience. It could be like a hangout space. From inside the experience, find an area you want to keep exclusive, in which only players who have a game pass can enter.

It would help if you went to the Roblox developer area to create a game pass. An added tip is to make the game’s name catchy and unique to attract more people. After making the game pass, grant special privileges so people can access the exclusive area.

To promote your game pass, you can advertise in your groups, Roblox profile, or other social media platforms. In this way, you can get a buyer as soon as possible. Thus, whenever a player buys your game pass, it will add Robux to group funds.


Once you have added funds to your group, it is better to manage them as efficiently as possible to use those funds best. For effective management, keep all the members informed of any new funds inflowing, try to keep any scammers away from the group by thorough profile checks before inclusion, and to make things smoother, you can keep a trustworthy partner.

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