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Secret Tips to Help You Stay Engaged during Online Lectures

Technology has revolutionized almost every sphere of life, and so has learning and education as a whole. However, the convergence of tech and education has proved significant in the way it has transformed learning. The global health pandemic saw the pre-eminence of online learning, with the method garnering more acceptance for both traditional parents, kids, and tutors. Students can now log in and take online lectures from any corner of the world, provided they have access to the internet and a digital notebook. The whole world has succumbed to digitalization, and nowadays even homework service can be found on the Internet.

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As much as most colleges and schools had started migrating some of their programs online, the current situation makes it almost necessary. Additionally, the integrity and seriousness that accompanies virtual learning remain the same as conventional classroom learning. So it can prove foolhardy, and a bit stupid not to consider lessons or lectures offered online with seriousness.

Virtual lectures offer all the gains students get from conventional learning. Additionally, it proves easily accessible, effective, and a credible way to impart knowledge. However, students have to take precautions when maintaining high concentration standards during a lesson due to its impersonal nature. So, with all that in consideration, how can you stay engaged when a virtual lecture drags on?

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Guidelines for Staying Engaged during Online Lectures

1. Get a quiet and serene space
It can prove useful to get a tranquil spot for your study, whether within the university residence or doing an online course remotely. To establish a study area that will prove perfect in maintaining your concentration levels. It has to prove quiet with no distractions. Such an environment will allow you to focus and study as in a conventional class or lecture. Further, ensure that your phone notifications prove mute when you tune in and engage in the virtual lesson. The reason stems from digital devices’ uncanny ability to shift your attention when you do not expect.

2. Please turn on the sound and maintain it
Sound can prove key in ensuring that you stay focused, especially when it comes to subconscious encouragement. In instances where you have to study virtually or attend an online class, you have to ensure that the spot proves serene and quiet, and if it has little noise in the background, then ensure that your device’s sound comes on. It will help you overcome the temptation of getting distracted by other noises and engaging others within the space. Further, it will ensure you stay grounded and not have occasional tea or coffee breaks.

3. Concentrate on your professor
Different virtual learning platforms come with additional features. Some can offer participants a large information pool to pick from, ranging from other students’ feedback, feeds of everyone participating, and comments. However, you have to focus on the primary figure, which turns out to be the lecturer, as much as the information can also prove vital to the lesson’s effectiveness. It will lessen the overwhelming feeling of information bombardment.

Additionally, toggle the choices and pick the live lecturer’s feed if you only want to focus on what the professor has to say in a lecture. Doing this and ensuring your screen only shows the lecturer and not other participants will boost your concentration. Further, remove the stream away from your PC’s camera to ensure you limit distractions that may arise as a result.

5. Engage others
Interactions when taking lectures online can prove beneficial, especially at the tail end of a class. So ask questions and try to comment as much as possible on the discussion to reap the engagement dividends. So, maintain eye contact with the camera when you have to speak and become keen on every reaction of your course-mates and professor. Further, take notes whenever other people talk (whether your course-mates or lecturer) to help you stay in tune with everything that goes on.

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Virtual lectures can offer a perfect learning opportunity, especially for students that cannot gather in physical university halls for in-person teaching. Additionally, the available online learning avenues provide everything in terms of content and interaction; a standard lecture has and provides. Further, you can always access virtual lectures regardless of your physical address, provided you have a digital device that can connect to the internet and internet connectivity.

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Virtual learning can prove a considerable enabler in elevating the general public’s education standards as convenience works in everyone’s favour. Further, you can always get the certifications you need for your career progression with virtual classes by squeezing every piece of information from virtual tutors.

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