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5 Tips For House-Hunting in Dubai

Whether it’s your first time purchasing a home or you’re an experienced homeowner, looking for a new house can be one of the most stressful things you’ll do as an adult. Beyond all of the practical considerations, like location and cost, there are tons of things that can go wrong with the purchase and even beyond. Follow these tips to ensure your house-hunting in Dubai goes as smoothly as possible.

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House-Hunting in Dubai Tips

Checkout our top five tips to make your house-hunting in Dubai journey as easy and smooth as possible.

1. Create Your Budget

Practically speaking, the most important consideration when purchasing a home is the cost. Before you start looking around, you should sit down and decide what a reasonable budget would be based on your income, savings, and credit information. Aside from the baseline cost of the house, you’ll have to consider possible additional fees like homeowner’s association costs, any additions or improvements you’d want to make, property taxes, and the cost of basic upkeep. Having a budget this detailed will keep you from becoming emotionally invested in a home that you can’t realistically afford.

2. Know Your Non-Negotiables

Everyone has a personal list of things that they must have or want to avoid having in their new home. Some families might require a certain number of bedrooms, for example, or perhaps you need a southern-facing home for the morning light. Other common factors for consideration are proximity to local schools and the size of any attached property. It’s important to narrow down what you really need your home to have versus what you really want it to have.

Being too specific might drag the process out longer than necessary and cause you to overlook homes that could have been a perfect fit. Another important consideration is how well your home might sell in the case that you eventually want to move again. Any home sellers guide can help you know what to look for in your future home which will make it easier to sell again when that time comes.

3. Take Your Time

Unless you’re on a tight schedule for finding a new home, it’s important to take your time finding the right fit, both for your needs and for your budget. If there are open houses in your area, try going to a few and taking some time to really visualize your life there. It might surprise you what houses you end up seeing as a possibility once you’ve given them a chance.

Be bold when you’re touring homes and don’t be afraid to test things like faucets and outlets to ensure that everything is in working order. Expand your tour from the home to the neighborhood and surrounding area. What kind of assets does this home have outside the four walls? Are there nice parks, schools, or places to shop? If you have a real estate agent, they’ll be able to help you take a look around with a critical eye.

4. Find a Real Estate Agent

No matter how experienced you are in home hunting, a trustworthy agent is an invaluable asset in finding the right home for you. Don’t be afraid to get choosey when finding an agent. Look at reviews and ask around for recommendations, then interview a few different agents before settling with one. If the agent you chose isn’t working for you, swapping them out is always an option. An agent isn’t just someone who does their job – they’re also someone you’ll be spending hours with and who should be aware of your personal preferences, so it’s important that you get along well and they take an active interest in not just selling you a home, but finding the perfect one first.

5. Stay Open to Possibilities

Lastly, it’s important to not get tunnel vision when house hunting. Keep an open mind and try to have some fun with the experience. Remember, it’s stressful now, but when you’re living in your perfect home years down the road, all this effort will be well worth it.

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