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Top 5 Unusual Ideas for Team Building

Team building is a complex of events for creating a friendly atmosphere in a team and is one of the best conflict management strategies. Let’s talk about some great ideas for team building and their advantages and disadvantages.

Depending on the budget, you can organize team building indoors or outdoors.
The primary purpose of team building:

  • create a cohesive team.
  • to know their colleagues better.
  • to learn how to interact with each other better.
  • to replace competition with cooperation.

You can organize a team-building event by your efforts and save money or order the organization of events from specialists.

If the weather or other circumstances do not allow to organize the event in an open area, you can do it:

  • at the office
  • at a restaurant, cafe
  • rent a loft

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Ideas for Team Building

Best Conflict Management Strategies

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. The loft has enough space, you can bring your food and drinks, but you have to pay for the rent. A restaurant has less space and is usually limited to a table and chairs. A closing event will require an additional monetary investment. Having this type of activity in an office is less preferable because team building is a way for employees to change the work environment to an unfamiliar one.

Here are some great ideas for team building:

Idea #1. Mafia

Who has not heard of this game? And who hasn’t played it at least once? This exciting game will help the team get to know each other better, try to understand the subtle psychology, unite into groups and only join together all together to calculate the mafia. This exciting game can play many people at a time. Of the attributes, you need only specialized cards.

Idea #2. Quiz

A quiz is an intellectual team game where the smartest wins. Participants also need a good memory and logic. Team members are united by a common goal and desire to win, which means they learn to listen and hear each other and work as a team. You can combine teams by department or vice versa. If you have a large firm and the employees do not know each other between departments, make all teams from different departments.

Idea #3. Reality quests

They are held in specially organized rooms, sometimes in quite large spaces. It is unlikely that you will be able to manage such a quest by yourself, so we strongly advise you to use the services of professionals. You and your employees will have a lot of fun with such unusual activity. Here all the limits and boundaries are erased, and it does not matter what position a person holds at work. Here he is trying to get out of the situation at any cost for a considerable time. Getting out of the room will need the wit and logic of each participant, so the team will soon realize that to solve challenging tasks, it is necessary to do it together.

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Idea #4. In the Dark

Separately, we want to highlight dialogues in the dark. Specialists have developed a unique program for team building in the dark, where you must trust each other 100%. This training will help you learn a lot about yourself and the team with whom you work every day to identify, understand and accept the fears and desires of everyone.

Idea #5. Team Creativity

You probably have creative people on your team and no opportunity to exercise their abilities. Creativity can be relaxing, team-building, and help to resolve team conflict. The value of a thing is acquired from how much work a person has put into it. And if you create together? Create a single piece of art with your team. You can paint a large oil painting out of fragments, where each participant will be the creator of part of the total. Make creative station workshops where everyone can try creativity and learn with their team.

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