Ziggurat Pyramid Dubai: The Most Funkiest Project ever Envisioned

Last updated on May 15th, 2013

Ziggurat was unveiled at the recent Cityscape Dubai. It is by far the “funkiest” project ever envisioned. Ziggurat is an environmentally sustainable futuristic city housed inside a pyramid. The city will employ natural renewable energy resources of solar, wind and steam making it completely self-sustainable in energetic terms and supported by a carbon neutral system producing zero carbon dioxide emissions. The power of nature is going to be harnessed to support a million people in this city. The project is being undertaken by Dubai based environmental design company Timelinks.

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“Ziggurat communities can be almost totally self-sufficient energy-wise. Apart from using steam power in the building we will also employ wind turbine technology to harness natural energy resources. Whole cities can be accommodated in complexes which take up less than 10% of the original land surface. Public and private landscaping will be used for leisure pursuits or irrigated as agricultural land”, said Timelinks, MD, Ridas Matonis.

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A horizontal and vertical integrated 360 degree network will be the mode of transportation in this city of the future, making cars redundant. Facial recognition technology for security purposes is another interesting feature that is going to be incorporated in Ziggurat Project.

The ginormous pyramid will cover 2.3 square kilometers, will be able to sustain a “community” of up to 1 million and will have plenty of green spaces for recreation and agriculture.