Blogging for Business in Dubai: 5 Reasons to Must Start Blogging for Your Business

The history of blogs is steeped in people’s habit of writing down personal experiences in diaries. Weblogs or blogs initially started with an eye to give these writers a personal space in the web to write blogs regarding personal experiences and opinion which will be available online and there for online viewers to read.

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It had an informal style and was generally maintained by one person or a small group of persons whose experience or viewpoint was similar. Blogging slowly increased with time and its impact on the political scenario was felt. It was not late until business owners understood the impact a blog could create and started maintaining blogs to reach out to people more effectively.

If you are a business owner and running a successful business in Dubai, there are multifarious reasons why you should be maintaining a blog for your site. However, before delving into that topic, here are a few things that you must know before you start blogging for your business.

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Things to Know About Blogging

Things to Know about Blogging

  • Choose a catchy domain name which is easy for people to remember as well. Avoid using jargons that might make your blog look too over the top.
  • Search for keywords that are related to your business to generate traffic and include them in the blogs to generate traffic.
  • Write high-quality SEO optimized contents on your site, people might come to your site if you just incorporate the keywords, but if the quality of the content isn’t up to the mark, readers will soon go back to the search engine to search for a more appealing content.
  • Use backlinks in your blog, this will improve your ranking on the search engine result.
  • Generate internal links so that people can navigate your site easily. People love internal links as they don’t have to search for other content and easily read on a different topic with just one click/tap.
  • Add Call to Actions (CTA) on your site which can compel viewers to take immediate actions.
  • Stick to one idea for one blog site, varying or posting blogs for a different kind of business that you might have side by side, can confuse the readers.
  • Write a very engaging ‘About Us’ page, give a brief and engaging account of the purpose of your business this helps viewers know you better.
  • Add Pictures and videos to your blog to increase reader’s attention span as just wards might look tedious to the readers, images provide some refreshing change.
  • Pay to know the keywords that generate traffic on your competitor’s website. Then use those keywords on your site to generate traffic.
  • Keep formatting your contents and re-sharing them from time to time, this helps new viewers know more about you.

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Reasons to Why You Should Start Blogging for Your Business

Blogging Reasons for Business

Now that you have a fair idea about certain things regarding the blog, let us get into a thorough study of why you should start a business blog yourself, especially if you are a small-scale-business owner.

1. It Creates an Online Presence
All of us know by now know about the massive reach of the web. People these days prefer to read up on the internet about a certain kind of service or commodity before making a purchase. An SEO optimized blog can make your site rank higher in the google search, by which people will come to know about your business and take interest in it.

Making a website and taking an expert domain can cost hundreds of dollars, this is not the case with blogs. Blogs are price-effective and cost nothing to very little amount to be created. Another positive point about blogs is that it can be easily handled and edited, unlike websites.

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2. Better Relation with Customers
A blog helps in developing a personal relationship between the business owner and the consumers. You can blog a post and leave a comment section open for the consumers to share their opinion and ask their queries. Studies show that consumers are more likely to make a purchase from business owners with whom they have personal contact.

If you post your blog a post daily or a few times a week, it is likely that potential buyers will have more faith in you and develop confidence over time, this helps in turning potential-consumers to actual consumers.

3. Interact and Know other Business
The moment you step into the online world, there would be many essential things what will immediately come to your knowledge. In order to make a business run successfully, one must study the market in a detailed manner. These days, the market is not just limited to the physical world only, it has exceeded far beyond that and has settled in the digital world in humongous proportion. In this scenario, an online blog can help you know your competitors better and also help you interact with other business firms.

You can as well post additional links of other business firms, this will generate more traffic to your blog and as a result, it will gain more popularity.

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4. Blog Help Build Mailing List
Another amazing thing that blog might help you with is, creating a huge mailing list that will help you reach out to the people who read your blogs, inform about a new product launch or a sale going on your site.

One good way to develop a mailing list is via the exchange of ‘’free giveaways’’. A few sought after giveaways are free e-books or vouchers in exchange for signing up to receive emails.

5. You will Become an Expert
Every business requires practice to become an expert. With the regular posting of blogs and interacting with the customers, you will soon become an expert in your filed. Believe it or not, experience has a certain value, which is equal to merit, if not more.

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You would soon start to receive queries by customers about various things and if you revert to them in an effective and convincing way, you would soon start to build an empire from your small scale business.