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25 Amazing Things Happen Only in Dubai

Dubai also known as the city of luxurious lifestyle or the Golden City. Here we have put together a list of everyday amazing things happens only in Dubai. Things like raining money, Rolls Royce pick and drop service, Golden iPad for all checked-in guests happened nowhere else but in Dubai. Please let us know if you know anything else that happens only in Dubai.

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1 – 24 Karate Gold Facial

24k gold facial in dubai

Its been said that Gold facial are being used from centuries. Ancient Egyptians had discovered the gold healing properties and the famous cleopatra used to sleep with gold mask every night. Though the gold facial treatment is not cheap but due to its instant results it is getting popularity among the rich.

2 – Dentist Offers Rolls Royce Pick & Drop Service

Rolls Royce Pick & Drop Service

A Dental clinic in Dubai is offering luxurious pick & drop services from your home or airport in a exclusive Rolls Royce. You can never experience this kind of service anywhere else in the world.

3 – Gold iPad for Every Guest Who Checked-in at Burj al Arab Hotel

Gold iPad for Burj al Arab Guests

A few years ago one and only 7 star hotel in the world, Burj al Arab started to offer Gold iPad to their every guest. The iPad will have all the information from housekeeping services to having spa treatments at the hotel.

4 – Living Above Sky is not a Big Deal in Dubai

living in sky

Dubai is the home of not only the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, but also it has hundreds of state of the art skyscrappers. At the moment there are more than 30 buildings in Dubai which are taller than 300 meters and more than 100 buildings above 200 meters. Dubai offers the breathtaking views above the clouds when there is fog and due to the large number of tall skyscrappers the residents can experience these amazing views from their windows.

5 – Out of Gold? No Worries. There is a Gold ATM Machine in Dubai

Gold ATM Machine

Thanks to Gold to Go ATMs there are many vending machines are installed in Dubai. You can buy gold from 2.5 gram to 24k Karate Gold coins and gold biscuits from these gold ATM machines. The internal software installed in these machines updates the gold prices in every 10 minutes to keep the prices up to dated.

6 – Gold Football Table with Crystal Encrusted on Top

Gold Football Table

Love of Gold in Dubai is not hidden. There is no surprise that you can find anything covered with Gold in Dubai. Here is the gold Foosball table found with crystal encrusted on top of it.

7 – There are Cellphone Expensive than Your Houses

Most Expensive Cellphones

A USD $37,000 cellphone called “Gold Sheikh” was created in an honor of the founder Sheikh Zayed with pure gold decorated with diamonds and engravings. It was said that only seven of these phones were created by the phone brand Caviar. 300 gram phone also featured the falcon crest of the UAE with precious stones and green back color.

8 – Most Bizarre Auto Car Theft Case

Strangest Auto Car Theft Ever

A strange crime was reported in 2014 when a man was arrested in a connection with a car theft at Jumeirah village Triangle (JVT) area. The man stole the german family car and replaced it with an expensive car (also stolen). Check out the full story here.

9 – Enjoy Hot Chocolate at Ice Cafe in Middle of Desert

hot chocolate in dubai

You can enjoy the hot chocolate at Ice Cafe Lounge with a minus -6 degree celcius temperature in the middle of the desert. Ice Cafe Lounge is located at the ground level, Times Square Center on Sheikh Zayed Road. The unique cafe is all decorated with ice sculptures, seating and amazing icy interiors. The visitors are given thermal clothing such as heavy jacket, woolen gloves, shoes and socks to keep them warm. Also the visitors are advices to spend a few minutes in the maintained 5 degree celcius buffer zone before entering and exiting the cafe to adjust the body temperature.

10 – Golden Range Rover

Golden Range Rover in Dubai

Golden Range Rover Sport was first spotted in 2014 and now it is getting a norm in Dubai to spot pure gold platted cars on the road.

11 – Pure White Gold Mercedes SLR

white gold Mercedes SLR

Similarly, White Gold Mercedes-Benz were spotted parked outside the Mall of Emirates many years ago as well. It’s been said that the car was coated with 18-carate white gold and is owned by the billionaire from Abu Dhabi. The mysterious Mercedes-Benz SLR comes with V10 quad turbo that could reach speed of 0-100kmh within 2 seconds or can covered quarter miles in astonishing 6.89 seconds.

12 – Pets Hanging Out of from the Car’s Windows

pets in dubai

Where tigers/lions were dogs, you can see the pets hanging out of the window of someone’s car. (Updated: Tigers/Lions are now illegal pets in UAE)

13 – Super Cars Police Fleet

Supercars Police Fleet

From Ferrari to Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini, Dubai Police have it all. Their supercars fleet is brilliant and just add to the performance and efficiency. Recently, in the month of February 2024 Dubai Police added McLaren Artura to its elite supercar fleet.

14 – Super Cars Traffic Jam

Supercars Traffic Jam

With everyone having supercars in Dubai, there is a very much chance that you will find yourself stuck in traffic jam among the supercars all around you. According to different resources its been guessed that there maybe estimated 200k supercars are there in Dubai.

15 – Pink Rolls Royce Owned by the Princess

Pink Rolls Royce

The Pink Rolls Royce Phantom is owned by the Princess Alia Al Suwaidii. The princess has keen interest in luxurious cars and have great collection of elite luxury cars that she posted on her instagram regularly.

16 – People Riding their Pets

People Riding Pets in Dubai

Owning exotic pets such as lions, tigers or cheetahs and then riding them is the unique thing you can happen to see only in Dubai. (UPDATED: EXotic Pets such as Lion, Tigers and no longer legal in UAE)

17 – Texting and Pets at Front Passenger’s Seat While Driving

Texting and Pet Sitting Beside While Driving

Similarly, having exotic pet and seating at the front seat on pessenger side and the driver is texting at the same time is only happens in Dubai. (UPDATED: EXotic Pets such as Lion, Tigers and no longer legal in UAE)

18 – Unorthodox Marriage Counseling in Dubai

Marriage Counseling in Dubai

19 – Absolutely Free Foods for Poors in Dubai

Free Foods in Dubai

Since many years now there are refrigerators, fridges and food stalls installed all around the city so that no one sleeps hungry. A good thing is that the people who donate does not topup with cheap food but instead put food that they usually like to eat for themselves.

20 – Big Culture Clash

Culture Clash in Dubai

With almost 80% of expats from more than 170 countries living in the small city of Dubai. It is very common to have cultural clash at every cornor of the city. Such as you can see a woman wearing short bikini on the beach with a woman wearing fully covered burka in same picture.

21 – The Most Modest Starbucks Coffee Outlet in World

Starbucks Outlet in Dubai

At the luxurious Ibn Batutta Mall Dubai located the worlds most unique and modest starbucks coffee outlet. With the breathtaking persian tile dome ceiling and a beautiful chandelier it looks out of the world.

22 – Abandoned Super Cars like Ferrari’s

Abandoned Ferrari's

They call Dubai as the graveyard of the supercars, according to the Gulf News there are 2000 – 3000 cars are thrown away every year. Among them are some very expensive elite and supercars as well leaving them deserted on the streets or even in the middle of the desert.

23 – World’s Highest Open Tennis at Burj al Arab

Highest Tennis Court

At the height of 1000 feet at the top of Burj al Arab located the world’s highest open tennis court. The legends Roger Federer and Andre Aggasi were once invited to play a friendly match there.

24 – Super Bus Service and a Supercar Ambulance

Super Bus Service in Dubai

In 2014, Dubai introduced a super bus with 23 pessengers to provide the fastest bus service in the world. Similarly, the Lotus Evora was introduced as an ambulance service so that emergency medical service can be provided in the minimal time period. The supercar which can reach the speed of 0 – 60mph in 4 seconds were customized to provide the best medical service.

25 – Living in World’s Tallest Building

Living in Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world where you can enjoy the time difference while living in the same building. The experience of living in the tallest building in the world is most unique one on its own.

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