25 Amazing Things Happen Only in Dubai

Last updated on June 30th, 2015

Dubai also known as the city of luxurious lifestyle or the Golden City. Here we have put together a list of everyday amazing things happens only in Dubai. Things like raining money, Rolls Royce pick and drop service, Golden iPad for all checked-in guests happened nowhere else but in Dubai. Please let us know if you know anything else that happens only in Dubai.

1 – 24 Karate Gold Facial

24k gold facial in dubai

2 – Dentist Offers Rolls Royce Pick & Drop Service

Rolls Royce Pick & Drop Service

3 – Gold iPad for Every Guest Who Checked-in at Burj al Arab Hotel

Gold iPad for Burj al Arab Guests

4 – Living Above Sky is not a Big Deal in Dubai

living in sky

5 – Out of Gold? No Worries. There is a Gold ATM Machine in Dubai

Gold ATM Machine

6 – Gold Football Table with Crystal Encrusted on Top

Gold Football Table

7 – There are Cellphone Expensive than Your Houses

Most Expensive Cellphones

8 – Most Bizarre Auto Car Theft Case

Strangest Auto Car Theft Ever

9 – Enjoy Hot Chocolate at Ice Cafe in Middle of Desert

hot chocolate in dubai

10 – Golden Range Rover

Golden Range Rover

11 – Pure White Gold Mercedes SLR

white gold Mercedes SLR

12 – Pets Hanging Out of from the Car’s Windows

pets in dubai

13 – Super Cars Police Fleet

Supercars Police Fleet

14 – Super Cars Traffic Jam

Supercars Traffic Jam

15 – Pink Rolls Royce Owned by the Princess

Pink Rolls Royce

16 – People Riding their Pets

People Riding Pets in Dubai

17 – Texting and Pets at Front Passenger’s Seat While Driving

Texting and Pet Sitting Beside While Driving

18 – Unorthodox Marriage Counseling in Dubai

Marriage Counseling in Dubai

19 – Absolutely Free Foods for Poors in Dubai

Free Foods in Dubai

20 – Big Culture Clash

Culture Clash in Dubai

21 – The Most Modest Starbucks Coffee Outlet in World

Starbucks Outlet in Dubai

22 – Abandoned Super Cars like Ferrari’s

Abandoned Ferrari's

23 – World’s Highest Open Tennis at Burj al Arab

Highest Tennis Court

24 – Super Bus Service

Super Bus Service in Dubai

25 – Living in World’s Tallest Building

Living in Burj Khalifa

Raining Money Happened Only in Dubai