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17 Secrets Nobody Tells You About Working in Dubai

Dubai is the dream city for the professionals. People from all over the world come here in order to seek job and to live in luxurious environment. Dubai is the free zone that’s why there are wide range of business opportunities for the investors and entrepreneurs. People with talent and education find here the best fit to employ their creative and entrepreneurial ideas. It’s a totally new environment for foreign dwellers. There are many things, people commonly known about Dubai before starting your livelihood. But there are number of things people don’t know about Dubai. Almost all people who live and work in Dubai, know each and every pros and cons of Dubai but nobody tells you some facts about working in Dubai and keep them secret from you.

Secrets of Working in Dubai

So, here are some facts that nobody tells you about working in Dubai:

1. Advance Annually Rent to Own the Building for Business

If you have extra money and wanted to set up business of any kind in Dubai, you need to own a building in Dubai to set up the office for business purposes. If you wanted to open the grocery store you need to own the shop. The fact that nobody tells you about working in Dubai is that you have to pay the rent of the whole year in advance of whatever the building suitable to your business type.

2. Zero Taxes but Overpriced Rents and Food

As most of you know that Dubai is a tax free city but most of you may not able to keep savings due to overpriced rents and food etc. To keeping up with Dubai luxurious lifestyle, its basically almost zero savings at the end of month. So it is highly advisable to not go gaga on High salaries or Zero tax things. Follow the simple rule “spend wisely”. Please check out our article 10 Saving Money Tips for Expats Living in Dubai.

3. Lebanese Owns the PR Services

Lebanese are the western looking Muslim community in Dubai. Their language of conversation is Arabic as Lebanese are basically Arabs. One thing that nobody tells you about working in Dubai is that mostly in all business firms and companies’ public relation heads are Lebanese. They are successfully running the public relation industry of Dubai. Their innate skills of public relations like sweet talking, charming looks and convincing power help them to dominate in public relation industry of Dubai.

4. Mechanical life in Dubai

One most important fact that nobody tells you about Dubai is that the luxurious life of Dubai is workaholic. People from different regions living here work day and night to secure a good and lavish living. You are preferred to ask what you do, Instead, of where you from. If you don’t have worth discussing activities or business, you are just an awkward piece in Dubai’s social life. Read about our Guide to Common Mistakes Everyone Does to Get Job in Dubai.

5. Hiring People for your Business is Legal

If you wanted to set up your own business in Dubai, You need the staff for your business. You can hire the employees and subordinates to run your business. It’s the important fact about working in Dubai that hiring staff for your business didn’t need any approval and it is 100% legal.

6. High Competition for working in Dubai

Dubai is the city where people come from different countries making it a versatile. There is not only the competition of people there is also the competition of ideas and creativity of people. You need to develop an amazing entrepreneurial idea to enter the high working competition in the business world of Dubai. There is the high demand of sales job and accounting jobs in Dubai but the competition is also very tough. It’s true that thousand jobs opportunities opens in Dubai every year but competition is also very high. Even for any average job vacancy HR department gets thousands of CVs.

7. Professional Caliber

People from different races and nations are gathered in the great city of Dubai. Dubai offer the lavish style of living to its dwellers. People from various communities are fascinated by its living and prefer to settle here. They find their livelihood here. Professional talent is in vast range. There standers operating procedure is very high. You need the high professional caliber and profile to settle here. The fact nobody tells you about working in Dubai is that you need a high professional caliber for permanent settlement.

8. Smartness is a Winner in Dubai

This might be a very much an arguable point but in my experience that smart people are the winners in Dubai. If you are a true professional and same time a smart person then there is nothing going to stop you getting your dream job. Dubai is indeed a place of opportunity but only if you are a person of high professional caliber and a smart as well.

9. Jobs round the Year

One more important fact nobody tells you about working in Dubai is that the most of job vacancies are offered in winters. Because of high temperature in summer, most of the Dubai elite move to the foreign countries and no as such high activities held in summers. Also in Month of Ramadan working hours are shorter then the normal days and almost nobody likes to work while fasting :). To answer the most asking question we wrote the article about the best time to Apply for a Job in Dubai.

10. Not High Salary Packages in Start

This is very important to understand that salaries will be less in start. Dubai is known for luxurious lifestyle and most importantly for high salaried jobs. Its just expectation that people will get high salary jobs in the start. However, In later stages you can get a fairly good amount of salary package.

11. Employment on Visit Visa

One important secret nobody tell you about working in Dubai is that never start your business or apply for the job if you are in Dubai on visit visa. There is the employment visa offered to those who wanted to setup the business or seeking job. If you get caught working on visit visa you may be permanently banned on work permeate.

12. Language Command

Language is the key tool to communicate and interact with people. If you have more command over different languages you would have more chances to win the business deals and business opportunities. It’s the important fact nobody tells you about working in Dubai is that people speak different language over here and if you have good command over different languages you can win the battle.

13. Mix Gatherings

Business deals are often decided in parties and gatherings. If you are used to mix gatherings, it is well and good for your career to grow. On the contrary, if you hesitate to mixed gatherings, parties and events, you may miss the chances to be successful. It’s the important fact nobody tells you about working in Dubai is that never miss the business gatherings and events. You can check our guide on how to have fun with your colleagues in Dubai.

14. Computer Command

If you are educated definitely, you know very well to use the computer. On the contrary, you are not educated but you have enough money to start a business in Dubai you still need to learn basic computer skills. If you know the basics of running the computer, the world of your choice would be in your hands. So it’s the important fact nobody tells you about working in Dubai is that you must have good computer command or at least have PA to help you out in business matters.

15. Greeting “Hello ma’am and Hello sir” is a Norm

Whatever your business type or whatever is your designation you would be called ma’am or sir. It sounds weird when you are new in Dubai but soon you will get used to it.

16. New version of English

When you set up business in Dubai or you start working as an employee of any firm you need to interact with people from different backgrounds. The one fact that nobody tells you about working in Dubai is that your English language skills start getting worst. People speak English using their slangs and in their own accent. Your perfect English speaking skills start adopting their accent and English, creating a totally new version of English.

17. Drinking alcohol is banned but is sold casually

Dubai is the place of celebrations, parties and events are its recognition. Alcohol is the main item of these events and celebrations. Dubai is an Islamic country and being Islamic country alcohol is prohibited. On the contrary, people from all over the world come here and their priority is drinking in business parties. So, one important fact that nobody tells you about working in Dubai is that you need a license to buy, sold and drinking in business parties and multinational events. Otherwise, rules are very strict in Dubai and breaking them will lead you to face jail.

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