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Emirates Universities Graduates Gets Dh27,000 per month Salary

According to latest survey, graduates from Emirates Universities are expecting to get more than Dh27,000 per month salaries with all allowances and benefits. Survey shows that male graduates expects minimum Dh27,000 per month salary and female graduates expects minimum Dh19,000 per month salaries.

Survey was released by one of popular online recruiting company in region. Survey also shows that local graduates mostly prefer jobs in government sectors instead of private jobs as 86% male graduates and 66% female graduates prefer government jobs. Government jobs offers higher salaries, better job security, favorable environment and most importantly the opportunity to work with locals. According to survey multinational companies are 2nd most popular choice among local graduates.

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According to survey following companies are most popular among local graduates.

Survey also reveals interesting trend among local graduates before applying for any job. Family plays major role in decision making as 94% female graduates gets help from family in making decision. This can range from advice only to the actual decision. Survey reveals that family decision is majorly based on company’s public image as well as people they know in company.

According to UAE Labor Ministry stats 90% of 225,000 local residents are employed in public sector. Despite UAE private sector holding 4million employees only attracts 22,000 local citizens.

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  • Thanks Sir Its Really Enjoye Places Again Thanks For you God Work 🙂 God Bless You.

  • I think they deserve the salaries and Private company should give more opportunity to the female employee.

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