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When is the Good Time to Apply for a Job in Dubai?

Most expat job seekers look for information that can guide them about the best time to apply for a job in Dubai. This city is one of the popular global destinations for finding a job in the UAE.

The following article addresses the concerned queries relating to what is the ideal time for searching jobs in Dubai. It also shares some of the best tips to get you a suitable job. In fact, it is imperative that the expats looking for jobs in Dubai must get familiar with the location and understand it properly to understand cultural shock.

The Right Time of the Year to Apply for a Job in Dubai

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Ideally, the time between September to May (excluding December) is considered to be a perfect time to start exploring your career options in the UAE. It is because the remaining months of the year, particularly June, July, August and December remain extremely occupied due to vacations. July and August are the holy months of Ramadan when Muslims fast and pray. During Ramadan, working hours are also reduced and other business activities are slowed down. All the important decisions are postponed and hiring activities also become sluggish. Similarly, other important national events like the UAE National Day falls in the month of December when people are usually on vacations and unavailable for interviews.

Therefore, if you wish to take up a job in Dubai, take advantage of the months when the hiring activity is in full swing, i.e. the period immediately after Ramadan. However, this is no reason to slow down your own job search preparation. In fact, make the most of this time and consider this as the best time to prepare for the competitive job market.

Here’s what you should do to prepare for your job hunt:

Tips to Prepare for Your Job Hunt

It’s not necessary that you can search jobs in Dubai only when you are physically present in the city, i.e. on visit visa. In fact, online job portals have emerged as one of the most preferred and effective options to apply to jobs abroad.

Follow these simple rules to run a search for your new job.

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Update Your CV
To get the best results, each job application must be tailored and personalized to meet the job requirements. Many job seekers commit a common mistake of sending the same drafted CV for every job opening. Include keywords in your CV that match the job description.

Do Your Research
Do not apply to any job just for the sake of it. Research more about the company to know its nature of business, requirements, and key people. Also check how your skill and experience can make for the best fit for the available positions. The complete information about the company can easily be obtained via its website. Proper research enables you to apply for matching job openings and prepares you to answer the interview questions confidently.

Add Relevant Skills
Dubai is a highly competitive market for job seekers. Therefore, it is vital to understand the industry requirements before applying for jobs and accordingly prepare to add the most in-demand skills in your CV. For instance, if you are applying for a banking job, enhance your skills with a certification course in banking programs that can give you an edge over competition.

Proofread your CV
Drafting a CV is not sufficient; it should also be free from any typo or grammatical errors. Any such error is a big turn off for the employers. Ensure that all the information relating to your previous employment, education and certifications is accurate as anything found misleading after verification can terminate your employment offer at the later stage. If you are already on a visit visa, mention it in your cover letter that you are available for interview in Dubai up to a specific date.

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Build online Presence
Besides updating your skills and knowledge for a particular field, create forward links with professionals in the industry you want to work in. For this, social media plays a major role where professional networking sites such as LinkedIn helps you to connect with others. Moreover, employers nowadays are also taking advantage of social media to search new hires online. Therefore, it is recommended to increase your online presence.

Hope these tips help you in your job search for how to and when to apply for a job in Dubai.

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