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Professionals in UAE Realizing New Job Opportunities to Make a Hop

A country that is not only known for its vast oil reserves and proliferating economy, but for the most unique blend of talent any nation has to offer as well. The UAE today is catering to the needs and supporting livelihoods for more than a million professionals coming from different countries and social backgrounds.

Quite a renowned fact that securing a job in the UAE, lavish life is itself assured, but aren’t you curious to know what has recently been going on with the professionals in UAE for quite a period of time?

The discussion to follow will talk regarding the same aspect and present a new fact gaining some considerable ground among professionals in UAE job market.

Switch It, The Emirati Way

Survey Report for Professionals in UAE

Although, it will leave you flabbergasted and astonished, but a major chunk of professionals working within various industries in the country are readily looking forward to change their jobs. Reputed sources suggest that a survey conducted on nearly 600 Emirati professionals inferred for nearly 90% of them being readily enthusiastic about a job change. It was aimed at empowering various corporations functioning within the country, but clearly vouched for the pivotal moment that an interview stands as, between a company and a candidate.

Social Media on the Rise With Professionals in UAE Priorities

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The same survey has also suggested that nearly 63% of the candidates use social networks to hunt for new job opportunities. This clearly validates the fact that social media has been gaining immense importance within the country. Even higher than the global percentage of 78%, a whopping 86% of the candidates are open to being contacted by employers for new opportunities. In addition to this, earlier, personnel working in Emirati corporations used to go for professional development and work life balance anytime compared to money. However, things have taken a different route today. Now, there’s been an increasingly high inclination towards the kind of pay package offered, along with the incentives and perks associated.

The Possible Reasons That Account for It

UAE job market

The revelations made above, would’ve surely boggled your mind over the possible causes that have flipped the job scenario in the UAE. However, the reasons are quite conspicuous over the surface. A huge improvement in the market conditions, coupled with a steep ascent in hiring levels have majorly pushed for a major chunk in the UAE work arena, to look for new opportunities. Although such job seekers seem passive, but would readily make a hop nevertheless.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, money stands as a major constraint for personnel over any form of career development or other aspects. Goes without saying that staying in a destination as expensive as Dubai or Abu Dhabi, would always press for a dire need to earn more and enjoy the lavish lifestyle.

Plus, the source also suggests that age might be a significant factor as well. Nearly 79% of those falling in the age group of 25-44 have worked for their current employer for six years or less and 70% of those above the 55 have worked for a single employer for over six years. Although, it seems immaterial, but has majorly urged a multitude of employees to go for a job switch and hunt for opportunities that would suffice their needs, in all aspects.

The work arena might be witnessing major share of workforce going for a job switch, but the UAE remains laden with numerous opportunities nevertheless. So, all you need is to make the right pick, the country has plenty in store for you!

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