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How to Get Job in Dubai Step by Step Guide

Dubai is not only the first choice of people who are looking forward to an amazing place to spend their vacation but also comes at number one position to the people seeking for jobs. The reason why this city comes under the category of most wanted city when it comes to finding employment is because it has so much to offer. From exotic locations to the best infrastructure in the world as well as the best tourists spots. However, finding a job in Dubai might not be as easy as visiting it. As seeking a work permit in the city is quite a difficult process for the expatriates. However, if you are determined enough to get your hands on the best possible job, you will surely find one if you keep in mind the bellow mentioned steps while finding one.

Currently Dubai ranked as the 2nd most popular destination for UK professionals. And has the lowest unemployment rate in the world among local citizens

Follow the Steps Below to Get Job in Dubai

Following are the steps you must keep in mind before applying for a Job in Dubai.

1. Know Yourself:
First thing first. Finding a respectable job in Dubai might get a little difficult if you do not know yourself. The job market in Dubai is quite competitive and the first thing that the interviewer will ask you is why should they prefer you on other hundreds of other applicants. To answer this effectively, you need to be well aware of your own strengths and weaknesses and only then you will be able to land on a reputable position. According to a recent survey conducted on 600 professionals working in Dubai reveals that 83% candidates are put off an employer by a poor experience in interview.

2. Know The Job Market:
When you decide to look for a job in Dubai, you need to search the market according to your field and get aware of what is actually required by the employers. Knowing the market will let you know how needed are you to it. It will also let you know about your worth in a better manner.

3. Get Active Online:
Now is the time when everything has become virtual. Looking for a job in Dubai or anywhere in the World has become more of a virtual thing rather than a physical one. All you need to do is to post your curriculum vitae (CV) online and make sure that you post it to as many websites as possible. This will make you visible to the employers. is a best option to start with to make your professional profile online. After researching job market in Dubai you should work on publishing a professional competitive CV online. Also you can submit you CV to online job portals like and

4. Be a Little More Active:
There is always two options for job seekers. First is to get a job before leaving your homeland. Second is to find a job after landing at Dubai airport. If you are actually determined to land up with a good job in Dubai, make sure that you spend most of your time looking out for jobs online and sending your CV to the employers. The more time you spend on this task, the more will be your chances of landing up with a good paying job.

5. Get in touch with the Recruitment Agencies:
As a second option you should consider to find a good recruitment agency. There are a number of recruitment agencies working in Dubai that can guarantee a job to you and you will have to pay some amount of money as a fee to them. Getting in touch with the recruitment agencies will enhance your chances of getting a well reputed job in Dubai within a small period of time. However, before you choose one of the hundreds of recruitment agencies available, make sure that it is working legally. There are high chances of you getting effected by scams and this is the reason you need to take very step wisely and sensibly.

Wish you best luck with all the steps and hopefully this article will help you to find your dream job in Dubai.

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