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Dubai is the 2nd Most Popular Global Destination for Bankers

According to the latest report by an independent financial advisory organisation deVere Group, Dubai is now the 2nd most popular global destination for bankers in all over the World. Dubai acquired this title after winning 23% votes of graduates, who successfully completed their graduation at the company. New York leads the table with 34% finance graduates chooses the city as the number one global destination.

UAE seems to attract more and more professionals as Abu Dhabi also being a preferred destination for graduates who wants to get a job here. Abu Dhabi claimed fifth position in the list with 7% voted for the city.

The graduates were asked in which location, within the company’s network of more than 70 offices around the world, would they like to start their financial services career.

Dubai Ranked as the 2nd Most Popular City for UK Professionals

Top 5 Popular Global Destination for Bankers

Following is the Top 5 global destination they chooses:

  • 1. New York : 34%
  • 2. Dubai : 23%
  • 3. Hong Kong : 17%
  • 4. Sydney : 13%
  • 5. Abu Dhabi : 7%

The remaining 6 per cent is made up of other destinations including Shanghai, Cape Town, Geneva, Paris, Barcelona and London.

Nigel Green, CEO of deVere Group, said: “The order of the top five destinations changes with each group of grads we take on, but New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, Sydney and Abu Dhabi are typically in the top ten somewhere. This is because, quite understandably, these global hubs of finance and commerce represent centers of enormous possibilities for young, ambitious individuals about to embark on careers as international wealth-advisory professionals.”

Mr. Green added: “There are some common traits among-st these cities, including that English is commonly spoken, they are politically and economically stable, there is a high level of internationally-minded high net worth individuals, and by relocating to these places one can usually expect comparatively high financial rewards. With each of the top five destinations offering unique opportunities and challenges, each one attracts grads who have often quite markedly different strengths and weaknesses, skill sets and aspiration.”

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