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Dubai Ranked as the 2nd Most Popular City for UK Professionals

According to the latest survey by one of the worlds largest independent financial advisory deVere Group, Dubai is the second most popular relocation destination after Hong Kong by young British professionals. According to the survey, 23% British professionals under the age of 35 selected Dubai as their favorite destination for overseas relocation compare to 26% selected Hong Kong as their favorite option.

365 UK based young professionals were polled in this survey and according to the reports 78% said they have seriously considered, are thinking about or would be tempted to move overseas. Other hotspots chosen by professionals are New York (19%), Cape Town (17%) and Sydney (7%). Also the survey shows 10% choose Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Tokyo and Geneva for their ultimate destination.

Nigel Green, deVere Group’s founder and CEO, said: “Relocating overseas is always a big step and so the benefits and rewards for doing so need to be clearly identifiable and substantial. Naturally, high achieving young professionals like those who participated in this survey, would be looking at global destinations that are perceived to offer the very best career and remuneration opportunities available; and preferably have a competitive tax rate in order to maximize their income whilst abroad.”

Mr.Green added: “Bearing these important ‘pull’ factors in mind, it makes perfect sense that Hong Kong and Dubai topped the poll for British professionals under 35. Perhaps the reason why Hong Kong ranked just slightly ahead of Dubai, by three percentage points, is due to it being arguably more familiar in business terms because of its former British colony status.”

Earlier this month, the UAE was named the world’s most popular migration destination for professionals, according to a survey of LinkedIn’s 300 million members. LinkedIn announced the results of a global study that tracked talent migration among its members. From a list of 20 nations, the UAE emerged as the leader in attracting talent, gaining 1.3% as a percentage of its total workforce in a 12-month period.

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