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How to Become a Data Analyst in Dubai?

As being a business hub, job opportunities are never-ending in Dubai. New job opportunities evolve every year and recently there is a great demand for a data analyst in Dubai.

A Data Analyst is the professional who takes data and analyzes it to help companies make better decisions. You will be acquiring information about specific topics and analyze, interpret, and present findings in reports. There are several types of businesses that use data analysts for collecting and analyzing data. As an expert, you will be called for using your tools and skills to identify trends and provide competitive analysis within the industry.

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The work of a data analyst is the same as that of a data scientist. However, they are not required to create algorithms for discovering and acquiring data. Instead of developing your data projects, you will be tackling business tasks with the help of existing systems, tools, and datasets. However, there is a common goal of both – discovering how to use data for answering questions and solving problems to help the organization.

Business Data Analyst

Importance of Data Analysts in Industries Now-a-Days

Data Science has become popular in the past decade. More and more industries are hiring skilled data analysts for improving the project’s efficiency. In 2017, the UAE Government launched its Artificial Intelligence Strategy. It marks a post-mobile government reliance on different future services, infrastructure projects, and sectors while utilizing AI. Through this initiative, the UAE plans to become a world leader in Data Science and AI by 2031 and expands the use of AI across sectors like education, space, technology, energy, transportation, etc. Right now, Dubai is among the most active places for pursuing the job of a Data Analyst, thanks to all the progressive initiatives taken by the UAE government for promoting Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence in the region.

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Data Analysts Courses

Because of the multitude of benefits, the field offers, getting a job as a data analyst has become highly competitive. And, businesses are giving a good fight to all the contenders on the basis of their skills, efficiency, experience, quality of performance, and know-how of the field. If you are a data analyst in Dubai, you should focus on perfecting your skillsets for bagging a lucrative offer. Unlike others, this field does not require degrees from well-known institutes but demands practical skills, experience, and immense practice to show for. All you need to do today is enrol in an online program or data analyst course that is focused on helping the candidates develop these skills.

You can find these programs easily and learn from the top training providers without quitting your current job. During the program, you will learn how to create solutions for practice exercises and case studies. This way, you can learn how concepts are implemented in the real-world. You will be learning from experts in the field who have had practical experience working in the field. They also provide career support in terms of resume review, career coaching, and interview preparation.

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How to Become a Data Analyst?

As a Data Analyst, you will be responsible for understanding the insights and trends by analyzing the large volumes of datasets. Companies often hire data analysts for helping them in improving business practices and informing decisions. Here are the steps that can help you in becoming a data analyst:

Step 1 – Get a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, and statistics

Subjects like statistics or data analysis will help you get a jumpstart in the field. Having a degree in computer science will help you emphasize on concepts like database management and project management.

Step 2 – Gain experience working as a Data Analyst.

If you don’t have any experience, it will be difficult for you to find a job as a data analyst. The best way for this is to intern while still being in a college. It is a great way to get valuable experience, additional skill development, and help provide insights to the businesses. However, most of the people start their technical careers at entry-level positions including statistics technician or assistant. Through these jobs, you will get valuable on-the-job experience. Some companies also provide in-house training classes, especially the ones with big data management and analytical software programs. Once you gain knowledge and experience, you will rise to the level you want to reach.

Step 3 – Advance your career through a certification program or master’s degree

With an advanced degree, you will get more job opportunities and will be able to advance your career. Companies want their employees to be knowledgeable and get familiarized with the latest tools and technologies. You can consider getting a Master’s degree in data analytics, big data management, and data science. Through these programs, you will get exposure to the latest software programs. However, if you don’t want a Master’s degree, you can always go for the certification program. You will be learning from the experts and improve your skill sets through assignments and case studies.

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What are the skills needed to become a Data Analyst?

Data Analysts Skills

Data Analysts need sharp technical skills accompanied with strong knowledge of the industry. As a Data Analyst, you must understand what is the relationship between the database and data sources of the organization. You will be using advanced tools and techniques and complex query statements for obtaining information. Here are the skills you need to become a Data Analyst:

Analytical Skills

Data Analysts have to work with large volumes of data including figures, facts, and numerical analysis. You must be able to analyze the data for finding conclusions.

Communication Skills

Data Analysts have to present their findings and transform the data into understandable reports or documents. You must be able to speak and write clearly and communicate complex ideas easily.

Critical Thinking

As a Data Analyst, you will be looking at data, numbers, and trends in order for formulating conclusions.
Attention to Detail – Data Analysts have to be attentive while performing the analysis so that you can come to the right conclusions.

Math skills

Data analysts need math skills for processing numerical data.

Tools/Technical skills

A Data Analyst must have an understanding of computer programs and technical skills to become proficient. Some of these include XML, SQL, Python, R, SAS, Hadoop, JavaScript, and other ML programs.

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Through the Data Analyst certification program, you will become an expert in the field. There are several programs in Dubai that will help you in learning analytical tools and techniques, working with SQL databases, creating data visualizations, languages of Python and R, and applying predictive and statistics analytics in a business environment.

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