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Dubai has become the 7th Most Popular Tourist Destination

According to MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index‘s latest list for 2013 , Dubai stood at 7th position for most popular tourist destination in world. It is also expected that Dubai will outrun New York (currently ranked 5th) and Paris (currently ranked 3rd) by the year 2016-2017.

dubai is 7th most popular tourist destination

MasterCard organizes the index map by monetizing a pattern and growth of international travelers from at least 130 cities from all over the world. According to the list Dubai has ranked 7th globally for popular destinations and the leading destination in Middle East and in Africa. Bangkok is leading the index list with 18% growth in last 2 years followed by London, Paris, Singapore and New York are top 5 most popular destinations.

Top 20 Most Popular Tourist Destinations in World

1. Bangkok 11. Seoul
2. London 12. Milan
3. Paris 13. Rome
4. Singapore 14. Shanghai
5. New York 15. Amsterdam
6. Istanbul 16. Tokyo
7. Dubai 17. Vienna
8. Kuala Lampur 18. Taipai
9. Hong Kong 19. Riyadh
10. Barcelona 20. Los Angeles

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Dr.Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, global economic adviser for MasterCard, told Gulf News: “I think it is a foregone conclusion that in the next few years, Dubai will be among the world’s top five, with some luck, top three. The important thing to keep in mind is that Dubai is growing fast but many other destination cities are working very hard to grow fast as well.”

With the highest growth rate of 10.9% Dubai is set to attract 9.89million overnight visitors in 2013. And according to Dr.Wong it is expected that because of boost from Dubai Expo 2020, Dubai has a “good chance” of becoming the leading most popular destination in world by the year 2020.

Dubai is the favorite destination among travelers from London, Paris, Kuwait, Doha and Frankfurt. According to the MasterCard list following growth rate has been recorded this year for Dubai.

  • London – 26.3%
  • Paris – 16.9%
  • Kuwait – 12.4%
  • Doha – 9.5%
  • Frankfurt – 9.4%

Premjit Bangara, General Manager of Sharaf Travel Services, give his full appreciation to Dubai govt for their effort to make it top tourist destinations by investing in infrastructures, expansion of Emirates Airline (Dubai Airport has been rated as Worlds Favorite Airport) and by organizing international events all round the year.

Mr.Bhangra told reporters: “Investment in tourism infrastructure has reaped dividends with record tourist arrivals into Dubai from 2000. Hotel projects were fast tracked during this period and today, we have every major hotel chain represented in Dubai with multiple brands in their portfolio”.

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