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Dubai International Airport has been Named as “One of World’s Favorite Airports”

According to a poll conducted by Priority Pass, Dubai International Airport is one of the world’s favourite Airport. Previously, Dubai International Airport has been winning as Middle East’s leading Airport for last 2 years now.

The poll was held on 9,000 Priority Pass members who take regular flights to around 150 different countries. They ranked Dubai International Airport in 3rd position. Singapore Changi Airport winning the poll as the world’s most favourite Airport followed by Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok.

Jonathan French, head of the brand at Priority Pass, said: “It’s clear that airports in the Middle East are gaining greater prestige among travellers throughout the world due to the excellent facilities and management.”

Also it has been revealed from Dubai International Airport videos Airport has attracts more and more people everywhere with airlines from UAE are getting popular day-by-day. Recently Emirates Airline reported 350% increase in its net profit this year.

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Dubai Airport Transport Facilities

Dubai Airport is indeed the busiest airport in the middle east and serving thousands of travellers each day with an open heart.

As mentioned the Airport consist of three terminals and the terminal is equipped with the latest technology to facilitate passengers in a professional and fast way.

The airport facilities are not just limited to Airport inside the modern system but outside airport transport facilities are really great and travellers can get to their destination in Dubai or any other cities on a fast track and even on a budget.

There are 3 types of transportation services available which are highlighted below.

1. RTA Buses
There are airports reserved general transport buses available 24/7 to serve passengers from the airport to inside Dubai specific stops. Indeed its the most cheaper option but you may need to wait a bit as these buses run according to a specific time and go on specific routes which might be far from your hotel.

2. Airport Taxi
The small 4 seat taxi is available anytime just at the exit door and also consider the cheapest option but if you are with huge luggage and big group so it will not be a suitable option, but it’s a good option for small group or family like up to 4 people.

3. Private Dubai Airport Transfer
Private transport by private buses in Dubai Airport is the most convenient and hassle-free Dubai Airport transfer option especially for big families having big luggage and heaving kids. You can book private transfer buses or van from local transportation companies prior even with no advance payment.

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Dubai International Airport Images

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dubai international airport - 09
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